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  1. Using numbers to work out if something makes sense! That’s a dangerous slippery slope – you’ll be using logic and reason next, and then where will we be?

  2. The Courant editorial AndrewC cites does note the connection between high taxes and out-migration. But it asks “If that same ratio held true in 2016” – the ratio being total tax take and total Adjusted Gross Income. In fact, the ratio is worse for those with high incomes. That is exactly the problem, as it was in New York State and New Jersey, and is likely to be after this fall’s Massachusetts ballot question removing the prohibition in the state constitution against different taxes for different Social Classes. Those geese are still laying golden eggs!

  3. Anything that punishes people for drinking that foul stuff is fine by me. Nothing can replace a decent cup of tea.

  4. I was chatting with my retired Engineer Dad and Nurse Step-Mum earlier today about the taking-time-off-work pay gap, and a couple of hours later, lo and behold, on the news everybody was screaming blue murder about the gender pay gap.

  5. “Massachusetts ballot question removing the prohibition in the state constitution against different taxes for different Social Classes.”

    Egalitarianism is buried in the Arlington National Cemetery.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    I am sure that Macron and Merkel will make it a crime for neoliberals to use logic and numbers any time now.

  7. Spike, allowing variable rate income taxes is not the same as “different taxes for different social classes.” Income ain’t the same as wealth, and money ain’t the same as class.

    Nice to see The Hartford Courant is still a good newspaper.

  8. The Courant article is a good one. But Connecticut (and other New England states) have the problem that for a large chunk of their population, changing state* means moving to the next town or adopting another route for the commute. This is not so much the case for (e.g.) California.

    * Although the article mentions moving to Florida.

  9. Abacab, I partly agree. They use money and class roughly interchangeably. But income still isn’t wealth. Anyway, it’s all OTT on the main point, which must be right.

  10. At the end of the day supplying plastic bag and paper cups improves business as it means shoppers know that they can pop into a shop on spec and leave with some goods or a lukewarm cup of drink.

    There seems to be a tribe of people who want us either not to shop on spec or to always leave home with a shopping bag and a cup. You could charitably say that it is the government implementing laws encouraging the public to always be prepared (All very boy scouts).

    My real problem with this is how far is this going to go? First the plastic bags, now takeaway cups. What could possibly be next?

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    abacab – “Americans tend to use “class” to mean “income bracket”…”

    Trump may teach them the error of their ways.

  12. Make 2018 Fight Back Year

    Start campaigning using virtue-signalling to hit the green & health freaks where it hurts:

    Sugar tax on fruit & veg

    Guilt tax on Quinoa, Avocados etc as buying them deprives the poor and the starving children of the cheap staple food they eat – it’s their porridge/rice.

    Call them intolerant, bigots, fascists etc.

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