And what is our reaction to this?

The ubiquity of new year diets and detoxes could extend beyond January and last all year, thanks to the Government’s latest suggested health guidelines. Public Health England (PHE) is demanding a “calorie-cap” on supermarket ready meals and fast food dishes.

The suggested ruling, which may come into effect in March, would limit breakfasts to 400 calories and lunches and dinners to 600 each.

Ruling? By whom? And under what powers and authority to enforce?

Of course, there’s an answer. BOGOF.

34 thoughts on “And what is our reaction to this?”

  1. Fast food meal? I’ll buy extra then.
    When I am hungry I want to eat. Limits on portions won’t reduce what I eat.

    As the women tend to say, my body my choice.

  2. ‘The plan is intended to combat rising levels of obesity in the UK, with latest NHS figures showing that more than half of the British population are overweight or obese.’

    Government is going to take draconian action, based on government provided numbers.

    Seriously, every other person you Brits see is overweight? I don’t believe it.

    Note that their assertion lacks any connection to health. Even if their numbers are true, so what? More than half are overweight. Okay, what does than mean relative to health? Overweight is beneficial to health. PHE assumes you still harbor the paradigms of the last century, when it was believed overweight was unhealthy. This century, we actually checked it, and found the paradigm wrong.

  3. 1600 calories a day!?!? I’m eating more than twice that & fighting to put on weight. The UK would probably kill me. I’d starve to death if I ever ventured further than the sofa.

  4. The Fish Faced Cow on the job again.

    “Yes we’ll tell you what you can eat” is another election winning ploy.

    Perhaps the stupid bitch is trying to drum up some business for her “We’ll commandeer your dead body” vote-winner from before Xmas.

  5. The angry mob will be screaming of restrictions on lifestyles and being told how to live and how its a plot by puritan gestapo who have moved on from smoking bans to ruin every other aspect of peoples lives.

    The rest of us will continue to choose our calorie intake as usual.

  6. So this will cause people to order 2 portions, causing them to eat more than they might have done.

    The law of unintended consequences is a real thing…

  7. @Rickie
    That’s the point it won’t be as usual. You’ll need to subvert the system by buying two of things. In which case you’ll end up spending more. For some people that will be a problem. Or you’ll have to stop going to restaurants which won’t give you big enough portions. Despite the smug, condescending tone of your post you won’t be unaffected by this.

  8. ‘Public health experts estimate that the average UK adult consumes 200-300 more calories than they need on a daily basis, which they warn can lead to substantial weight gain over time.’

    ‘Estimate.’ More government data backing government action. Resistance is futile.

    The unnamed ‘experts’ are incoherent. The proposal is to ‘limit supermarket ready meals and fast food dishes.’ Which has absolutely no linkage to average UK adult calorie consumption. That some item A has X calories is irrelevant.

    A pizza has 2,000 calories.

    Some people in England are fat.

    Therefore, go fvck yourself.

  9. The Unused Testicle

    Is that optician bint still in charge of PHE?

    They really are just a bunch of Quakers and Temperance Societies. The Mary Whitehouses of “health”.

    Completely fact free and fascist. Everyone is exactly the same. There are going to be a few builders, fitters and window cleaners dying from their “rulings”. Still, omelette and eggs, eh?

    I always remember that fat bitch who was head of PHE proclaiming that before she drank a glass of wine she always thought of the breast cancer risk. But then, at their numerous committee meeting lunches, she would always glissando onto the second bottle of Chablis Grand Cru, paid for by the Government of the day.

  10. Seriously, every other person you Brits see is overweight? I don’t believe it.

    And you would be correct. It’s bollocks. A lie. They are deliberately conflating “a bit overweight” with “obese”.

  11. I cook my own meals – just as well since I don’t eat breakfast and I used to lose weight on 2,000 calories/day so I’ld starve on 1,200

  12. Even the Stasi never dreamt of a scope like this. How does a government ‘limit’ breakfast to 400 calories? Does this limit apply to both a 6’ 6” builder and a 5’ skinny female teenager?

  13. @Ian, perhaps you should give some thought to the bloody obvious…reducing calories most probably will not mean buying two of anything.its not all about calories

    Producers could well reduce calories and provide better meals or the quality remains the same and the size.

    The bloody obvious always gets overlooked in matters of health advice nor the benefits in blogland…its all stasi this puritan gestapo that.

  14. Read how they intend to inveigle themselves into every aspect of our lives Half way through their 2 year plan – if you are here – you owe it to yourself to read about what’s coming down this chute.

    They’ve been given billions and are embarking on an empire building spree.

    I think I might invest in a pitchfork or two.

  15. I will always control my calorie intake….I suggest everyone else does too.

    I have no problem with people controlling their calorie intake; it is just when they try to control other peoples’ calorie intakes that I think that they have overstepped the line.

  16. Public Health England (PHE) is demanding deserving a kick in their nuts followed by abolition and dole queue for their 5,000 staff (full-time equivalent).

    Result: ~£4 Billion per year reduction in Gov’t spending of taxpayers’ money (equiv to 25% of our “donation” to EU pa). [Src PHE 2016/17 Accounts]

  17. I share the hunch that food outlets do contribute to fatter folk. But i wouldn’t dream of mandating anything ‘cos, you know, if folk prefer nosh over sveltness then i’m not going to stand in the way of the buffet.
    But if you can’t help but listen to the siren calls of ‘they fatties cannae ‘elp ’emselves’ i suggest mandating a different radioactive isotope to each sector of food outlets output, and we can then have at least have some data on the problem and the cause. Vital, afore we start tooling up the legislation.

  18. So Much For Subtlety

    So they are planning to abolish the Full English Breakfast? I would think the toast alone would have more than 400 calories.

    Over my dead, cholesterol-choked, body matey.

  19. “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.” – H. L. Mencken

    PHE thinks they have reason to act. PHE thinks it has authority to act.

    They should be disbanded before week’s end. Their existence is now a threat to liberty.

  20. Before meal calorie limit:
    Processed meal for one – 800 calories – £2.99

    After meal calorie limit
    Processed meal for two – 800 calories – £2.99

    Easiest way to change to comply. Alter the label a bit. Then you don’t have to change machinery or owt.

    Of course, they can just f*ck off. Right off. And then a bit further.
    I used to think Ecks was a bit excessive.
    Now I’m practically ready to get out the rope from the garage with a pitchfork and torch.

    Who do these people think they are? Telling people how much they should be allowed to eat…
    Bunch of fascist jackboot cnuts.

  21. Ecks,

    ““Yes we’ll tell you what you can eat” is another election winning ploy.”

    Can you find a Conservative marginal somewhere and stand as the Ecks party? Split the vote, lose their seat? I’ll come and leaflet for you.

    That’s the only language they understand. It’s what worked for Brexit. Not expecting the Conservatives to make a damn difference.

  22. Bloke in North Dorset

    We’re all treated as a single one size fits all entity when it suits government but point out something they don’t like, say that the RoP has a violence problem, and suddenly everyone should be treated as individuals.

  23. Chernyy_Drakon,

    It’s more likely that post-calorie guidelines would look like this:
    Processed meal for 2 – 800 calories – £3.99.

    Food producers like this sort of crap because they can sell less for the same price as before or sell the same as before for a higher price.

  24. “Food producers like this sort of crap because they can sell less for the same price as before or sell the same as before for a higher price.”

    Like is too strong a word, as most would just like to be left alone. But this is one of the reasons why they don’t fight such thuggery. The other big one is that the Lefty press will crucify them with blaring headlines that they are trying to kill you for profit.

  25. Gareth,

    It is a strong possibility, agreed. I was just naiively hoping that the market forces would force the price down.

  26. @ Rob
    Raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, blackcurrants, loganberries, and, when just ripe, peas picked and eaten in our garden when I was I a kid and my father put in all the effort.

  27. @john77, January 15, 2018 at 7:23 pm

    We used to grow raspberries, gooseberries and sugar-snap peas. New dog watched us picking and eating and did the same.

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