Anyone want to buy a couple of Portuguese houses?

Here and here.

18 thoughts on “Anyone want to buy a couple of Portuguese houses?”

  1. Nice houses. And very affordable.
    Now the question is, Tim, how much will you pay me not to come & live next door to you?

  2. You know you’re used to Swiss prices when you look at those listings and say “wow, that’s super cheap!”

    Perfect for a couple with a Swiss pension to potter around in during their golden years, having paid cash while laughing their heads off.

  3. Yes, and her daughter too. Both snipped – we got the cat with the house and her daughter (the only one surviving) as a result of not having been snipped when we did.

  4. Lovely looking place, but a bit of a long commute for me right now. Not close enough to retirement to implement abacab’s idea..

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