Conservative members are “a breed apart” from members of the other main political parties, with much stronger tendencies towards socially illiberal and authoritarian attitudes and completely different views on Brexit, a study has found.

You mean there’s some significant part of the population that doesn’t sign on to bien pensant thinking?

How can we allow democracy when people might vote the wrong way?

14 thoughts on “Blimey, eh?”

  1. “with much stronger tendencies towards socially illiberal and authoritarian attitudes”

    “The polling on social issues offers something of a clue as to why Jacob Rees-Mogg, the avowedly traditionalist backbencher..has topped several polls of members..”

    Ah the authoritarian attitudes. Ah the illiberal attitudes. Do i spot a spin job in its nacency? It doesn’t quite work at scuffing JRM though.
    Because he’s articulate and the only socially liberal policies he’s animate about are the authoritarian liberal ones. (aka illiberal policies)

  2. Apparently, 54% of ‘Conservatives’ want the death penalty. Wonder why this is never on the party manifesto?

  3. Wow! Who would have thought that grass roots members of the only supposed right wing party are different to that of all the lefty ones. Colour me surprised.

  4. There are no “studies” in government (nor probably in the Guardian), only sales pitches. I find high taxation more “illiberal” than the policies of the Tories or Republicans.

  5. socially illiberal and authoritarian attitudes

    The really odd thing is that Progressivism is now one long list of things they want banned. You would struggle to find a more illiberal and authoritarian person than your average Guardian reader these days.

  6. @ Surreptitious Evil
    ECHR Protocol 6 restricts the death penalty to times of war (or imminent threat of war). I think this could be applied to the RoPers who killed Lee Rigby or those returning from fighting for ISIS.

    In any case, Protocol 13 screws it up. Let’s see what the Tory manifesto is like after we leave the EU and it doesn’t apply.

    @ Martin
    No idea – but then the post was about Conservative thinking *not* about the general population.

  7. Rob said:
    “This survey did not include any working class people then.”

    It was comparing members of different political parties; not comparing party members to ordinary people.

    I don’t think the Labour Party has many working class members any more.

  8. Richard + 1

    What I thought interesting is how many members of ‘progressive’ political parties are opposed to Brexit and are in favour of immigration.

    They don’t like democracy, don’t they?

  9. The abolition of the death penalty has reduced the number of guilty people hanged by about one person per year and increased the number of innocent people murdered by approaching 100 people per year.
    It is , therefore, appalling that Conservatives should be so illeberal s to support thedeath penalty.

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