Blimey, that’s a shock!

John Torode: Millennials are changing what we eat

As does every generation passing through this life.

It’s entirely possible that Torode, in his professional life, has never served a plate of what 1950s Britain would have called “food.” Probably for the better, true, but still.

Another tiresome variation on apres moi la deluge.

16 thoughts on “Blimey, that’s a shock!”

  1. Kids are little narcissists and want to feel they are special and different- check

    Trends change- check

    Old person finds it startling/amazing/different and either moans about it or clumsily tries to jump on board- check

    This is what passes for a news article

  2. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    younger people eat more plant-based foods and less meat

    I prefer Frankie Boyle’s vegetarian option: they can fuck right off.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    There is certainly more awareness about health and how what we eat affects us in the long term. Having children of many ages from 22 down to 11, a blended family, and nieces and nephews of varying ages, I find myself listening more and more to their views on what we consume. After all, they are the decision-makers of tomorrow.

    A blended family? I hope he means he is making shepherds’ pie.

    I can’t believe it’s not the Guardian! In fact I am so old I can remember when the Telegraph was a conservative paper. Decision makers of tomorrow. What a c*nt. What a c*ntish phrase.

    The only rule he needs to keep in mind is that whatever happens only one thing is sure – in the future the people of Britain (there will be no British people) will eat a hell of a lot less pork.

  4. You can’t do the frankie boyle option if you want to fuck right in everybody. In the face of more vegies in the general population an obvious expected strategy is to forge a third way so you can have vegie’s meat pie as well.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Hallowed Be – “You can’t do the frankie boyle option if you want to fuck right in everybody. In the face of more vegies in the general population an obvious expected strategy is to forge a third way so you can have vegie’s meat pie as well.”

    “fuck right in everybody”? Well there’s your problem. You don’t want to be f**king vegetarians. Oral sex is right out for one thing.

    The only sensible strategy for dealing with more vegetarians in the population is to enjoy eating meat all the more. Preferably in public. The best solution to a pontificating leftist soy-boy is a good steak and kidney pie.

  6. After all, they are the decision-makers of tomorrow.

    Fine but it’s today so they can pipe down till tomorrow comes.

    Interestingly (or perhaps not) the accompanying picture is of an ornamental cabbage so fine for urban planting in Tokyo but rubbish to eat.

    Oh, and Timmy, can our next déluge be a boy please?

  7. A lot of veggies have strong green-stink ( like an old-fashioned greengrocers shop) bad breath that reeks even at normal talking distance.

    Lots of folk have reeking breath detectable at said social distance but there is a definite –and equally unwelcome–difference between ordinary diet/never cleans teeth type and greenfreak type.

  8. Well indeed, the other obvious tactic is to concentrate on your own niche. So long as there are people flitting between the two (and young peeps will do this guaranteed to get laid or get more laid) then we’ll not diverge into separate species.

    Incidentally its a real shame that the trending side in part can be explained by the endemic belief that meat is bad for the environment. Its irritating that the headlines about water usage and nutrition per hectare for meat production are still basically there holding up some people to morally look down on others despite being debunked,

    A former amore of mine i used to describe as a Acutarian..(A standing for not) Wouldn’t eat anything cute. Chicken yes, ugly as buggery chickens. Pork and bacon, yes… wobbled a bit if babe had been on the TV. Cod or Haddock yes, totally guilt free Fish and chips, Beef yes, veal no, lamb no, venison no, rabbit no.

  9. Mr Yan- it’s a funny one because there’s no debate to be had, nor any virtue signalling because it’s not possible to formulate it into a consistent moral stance. Just personal choice: which is fair enough.

  10. Ah, filthy fifties food. I occasionally long for my mother’s breaded fish, chips, egg sauce, and freshly podded peas.

    My wife is an excellent cook but long ago decided never to compete directly with the memory of Mum’s cooking.

    The days of morning rolls delivered to the door or, slightly later, the magnificent Aberdeen buttery at brekkie; running home after swimming in the river to a High Tea including the butcher’s wonderful Cumberland sausages, soda bread, tattie scones, home-made apple cake, …..

    The salads based on a heap of shrimp: a mighty mound, I tell you. Raspberries from the hedgerows. And the tomatoes from Dad’s greenhouse!!! Christ it was just awful, food in the fifties.

    It had never occurred to me that food might taste of nothing at all until I spent three months in the US in the sixties. Thank God for the working man’s burgers and franks because much of the rest was lame beyond anything I’d experienced.

  11. ‘The magnificent Aberdeen buttery at brekkie…’

    That’ll be the magnificent Aberdeen buttery which – as tradition dictates – is subsequently spread with a generous layer of butter, thereby exceeding what PHE reckons should be our maximum daily calorie intake.

  12. Wouldn’t eat anything cute.

    The 13-year-old daughter of a friend of mine announced that she was vegetarian, and would not eat anything that had a face. The following day’s dinner was a plate of winkles.

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