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I don’t mean this in any metaphorical sense. He appears to have been an actual Nazi.

Mr Kamprad then went on to conquer the world through selling people flat pack furniture. Rather than the other way.

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  1. Incentives matter…

    One of my unpopular opinions is that we shouldn’t go chasing teenagers who worked a summer in the canteen at Auschwitz.

    Because they only worked in a job at a camp that murdered Jews because that was the society they lived in, where it was legal and encouraged (and antisemitism went far beyond the Nazis at the time – the French were willing executioners). I’m not saying they’d have been good moral people, but if they were alive today, they’d probably be the cunt in an Audi that cuts in at the last moment on the M1 and organises PPI claims.

  2. I had a girlfriend many years ago whose mother was a German teenager during WWII. She was an unrepentant Nazi. Of course she was. But she never committed an atrocity. She was just a kid.

  3. A piffle…

    Hell, we’ve got just over 63 million confirmed Nazis in ‘Merica at this very moment.

    Marshall McLuhan once stated that some day everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. I don’t think that day has arrived, but what has arrived is an age where everyone is a Nazi for 15 minutes.

  4. Gamecock – indeed.
    Anyone heard of Oskar Schindler? A Nazi who saved 1200 jews.
    How about John Rabe? Protected over a quarter million Chinese from the Japanese. A Nazi.
    The Nazis were not all bad, many would have been like you or I. And we already know societies can have sadistic killers.

  5. Now this bit of info is in the public domain, can’t wait for the snowflakes to be boycotting Ikea.

  6. At Yad Vashem you can find a list of Nazis, including concentration camp guards, who are honored as righteous for their acts to save Jews from The Holocaust.

  7. I understand that IKEA will be introducing flat pack coffins.

    Slight problem with the “self-assembly” bit at the moment, but as soon as they’ve got that sorted…

  8. Nobel laureate Philipp Lenard was a Nazi supporter in later life. It hasn’t stopped Bratislava putting his name on one of their public buildings. The Swiss gave Polanski a lifetime achievement award in ’09, and the Australians are not remaining the Margaret Court arena.
    The Brits do seem to have a problem with the imperfect hero – you can’t be seen to praise the careers of Glitter, Rolf, or even Savile

  9. Spinelli – a Communist during the time of Stalin.
    Has the European Parliament building named after him.
    Oh, he was pro-Europe. That’s alright then.

  10. I think she said something not entirely celebratory about lgbtqwerty, which is basically a Nazi position.

  11. Linking to the link to the link, one finds that Ingvard Kamprad was *assumed* by the Swedish police to “have an official position” in a neo-Nazi party *because he received their Youth newsletter*.
    So am I, and you, to be deemed to have official positions in all the organisations from which we receive junk mail?
    When the BMAF (“British Masters Athletics Federation”) is proscribed for sexism because it has separate (running) races for men and women, shall I be facing the firing squad because I receive the BMAF magazine?
    Personally I really dislike IKEA but someone needs to point out that receiving a newsletter is NOT proof that someone is a Nazi.
    * BMAF has mixed walking races, which may please TM the PM, apparently to save time although some of best male walkers are faster than female runners their age.

  12. The Nazis built some nice rockets much admired by the Americans. Verner von Braun or some such.
    The Volkswagen got to be popular if only because of its quality build.

  13. @bloke in spain, January 28, 2018 at 3:46 pm

    Also Snowflakes boycotting food/liquid in cartons – Tetra-Pak founder invented plastic bags.

    Swedes are evil – boycott Sweden & all they created. They do it with Israel.

  14. “The Nazis built some nice rockets much admired by the Americans. Verner von Braun or some such.”

    I heard many times that the U.S. won the Space Race because we had better Germans than the Soviets.

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