Do you remember the Senior Lecturer’s economic analysis?

Sectoral analysis: government, consumers and foreign. Foreign’s not going to make any difference:

Cheap pound drives best factory growth in seven years


8 thoughts on “Do you remember the Senior Lecturer’s economic analysis?”

  1. Here’s a thought: If Spud’s a Senior Lecturer in Political Economics, would a Junior Lecturer in Political Economics be more or less of an economist than Spud?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Cheap pound drives best factory growth in seven years

    Now May is still going to f**k it up, but if she actually did something about all the illegals flooding into Britain, real wages might be going up. And she might have a chance of re-election.

  3. I keep waiting for the post-Brexit apocalypse that the Remainers promised us. Everything seems to be going the opposite way.

  4. @jgh
    The Economist‘s laughably misnamed ‘Intelligence Unit’ has an explanation:

    After the UK’s vote for Brexit in 2016, we became quite pessimistic on the short-term outlook for the UK economy. In particular, we expected business investment to fall as export-oriented firms put expansion plans on hold until the exact nature of the rules governing the relationship with the country’s largest trading partner became clear. However, as it turned out, both businesses and consumers were not very concerned: consumers kept dipping into their savings and firms kept spending, particularly in the manufacturing sector, where export competitiveness was assisted by the weaker currency.

    In part, I think this was because businesses had not properly understood the eventual implications for market access and the political compromises that would be needed.

    If only businesses weren’t so stupid.

  5. @ Chris
    UK exports more to those outside the EU than to the EU-26, but the EIU had failed to notice that.
    The poor, stupid, businesses just responded to their increased order books and expanded production to match, involving investment in production facilities.
    If only they listened to Mr Murphy!

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