Don’t think so

Cleveland Indians to drop Chief Wahoo logo from team kit under pressure from Native Americans

No, this reads better:

The Cleveland Indians will remove the grinning “Chief Wahoo” logo from their uniforms beginning in the 2019 season, the baseball team said on Monday, in a bow to critics who have long assailed the image as a racist Native American caricature.

I’d wager that actual Indians don’t give a toss – perhaps the occasional one who has done grievance studies aside. Large numbers of non-Indians who have done grievance studies though…..

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It is not original to me, alas, but I hope they replace him with Elizabeth Warren.

    I am sure most Indians probably do give a toss or can be easily mobilised to give a toss at short notice. Just as with Gay marriage – the Gay community went from not caring at all if not being opposed to caring a lot and now moving back to not caring at all – look at Andrew Sullivan’s latest column about how his campaign of lies worked but now the pretense is over.

    The question is how offensive are we allowed to be? It is not nice to pick on the most pathetic group in America but it is traditional so I am willing to defend it.

  2. Hello Rusty – but the team is called the Cleveland Indians not the Cleveland Native Maericans – how do you deal with that?

    Your re-education camp doesn’t sound like much fun.

  3. I always like that moment in Crocodile Dundee with the aborigine

    “You can’t take my photo”
    “Oh, you think I’ll take part of your soul?”
    “No, you’ve left the lens cap on”

    One thing that happened in India a few years ago was renaming colonially named streets and there were complaints from people because everyone knew where Victoria road or Buckingham street was. Noone really wanted it

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    How long before one our home grown publicity seeking grievance warriors will turn their sights on Exeter Chiefs?

  5. It’s all traditional tho’ innit?

    What ever happened to the 1930s baseball team, the Alabama Nigger Haters?

  6. They’re not ‘Indians’ Worstall, they’re Native Americans.

    You’ve got it wrong, Ironman. Most American Indians intensely dislike the term Native American, and most will stop you dead in your tracks if you use it around them. They consider themselves Indians.

  7. As a Cleveland Indians fan going back to 1969, I can assure you there have been people bitching about the Indian’s logo since time began. Small numbers of people…

    That isn’t the issue here. The issue is marketing.

    The Dolan Family has raised the Cleveland Indians franchise to elite status in major league baseball. They have marquee players and are playoff regulars. And they want to sell shitloads of jerseys and ball caps. Shitloads.

    So the logo had to go. I’ll wager dollars to donuts that the Dolan Family quietly asked the Commissioner’s office to ban to logo… To spare the franchise any local blowback.

    This is about dollars, not snowflakes.

  8. And just to clarify… Nobody has ever really objected to the Cleveland Indians being called the Cleveland Indians, what’s been objected to is the use of that particular logo. Back in the day the smiling Indian was known as Tommy E. Hawk.

  9. I find the logo dated.

    I suspect the new logo will be just as offensive to the illuminati.

    Which will make me smile.

  10. First Nations is the accepted term in Canada, but status is still recorded in the Indian Registry and they still refer to the Indian Act.

    Personally I find most of them are pretty ok about a lot of this stuff, though locally they don’t particularly like the term Indian no one seems to object to one of the main waterways being called Indian Arm.

    There’s always the activists, but it’s a case of squeaky wheels making the most noise. The move to rename a local First Nations spiritual landmark because it’s known by a name from the old pidgeon language that used to be used (mix of English/French/Inuit/etc) is the local park board indulging in virtue signalling more than anything

  11. @gamecock

    New official logo is a red C, but fans can still wear/buy existing logo shirts, caps etc.

    Maybe they’ll call it the Retro Range

  12. “New official logo is a red C”

    Damn disappointing that.

    Their cross-state rivals, the Cincinnati Reds, actually use a WHITE C.


    Well, we’ve still got our Atlanta Braves down here. For now.

  13. Hey, I went to a Hanoi Jane Rally in Columbia in 1970, just to see what it was all about. She was (is) an idiot.

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