It is the Grand Delusion again, that the aim and point of this government business is to change humans into fitting the system, rather than the system existing to allow us to be human in all our messy glory. New Soviet Man, that non-human that would make centrally planned socialism work, is no different in basic philosophy from NHS Man, the thin lipped and hipped prude who does nothing fun in order to die unhappy but at the convenience of the government run health care system.

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  1. What a cunt. Cohen I mean.

    I remember reading “What’s left” and thinking he was a decent, if misguided soul, who failed to see the evil at the heart of socialism.

    But no, he’s actually a nasty authoritarian cunt who happens to dislike the Islamic version of totalitarian cuntishness, which so many of his fellow lefty cunts admire.

  2. It’s worse than we thought!

    We tried democratic elections, and it didn’t work. The people voted in the wrong people. It’s time to try something different.

    ‘We must remove and replace the system and the culture that gave us Trump in the first place.’ – Michael Moore

  3. The national religion sits uneasily alongside a significant and growing minority of atheists. Am happy to support the free at the point of delivery concept, but also acknowledge a need to privatise large swathes of the monolith NHS and to limit what qualifies as necessary medical treatment rather than the plethora of nice to haves. Not sure about the point at which the nice to haves rub up alongside so called self-inflicted injuries, be they falling from rockfaces and horses or smoking. Educating people to limit the damage we do to our bodies seems a sensible course of action, even if a little overbearing at times. Like most I have to balance my pleasures with my conscience; too often, base creature I am, the former wins out. Gudgeon despises the thin lipped prudes and when necessary feels free to ignore ‘the institution’. As my old avuncular GP used to say in way of admonishment: I suppose you’ve got to die of something. I don’t doubt Cohen’s re-engineered dystopia will one day become a reality. But not yet, eh.

  4. “Facts are sacred but comment is free”
    Yes, facts are so sacred that Mr Cohen cannot mention them and claims that 99% of people do not have the time and the money for training although Park Run *alone* has over 1.5m participants – 2.5% of the population – participating.
    I think that you are inadequately condemnatory as post-Stalin the Soviet Union was not quite as bad as “1984” but Mr Cohen targets 1984’s Airstrip One rather than Krushchev’s Soviet Union as a model for 21st century UK

  5. @ Gamecock
    The culture that gave you Trump in the first place was called “the Democratic Party linked to the corrupt Mafia-linked unions”, of which Michael Moore is prime example: the people reacted against it and against Hillary Clinton, partly because she was linked to it and partly because she lacked all the qualities, apart from intelligence, of Elizabeth II, while aspiring to gretaer power.

  6. That was a brilliant piece at ASI and I’m pleased you posted it here to permit comments. Of course repeal of the NHS is off the table, as it gives everyone the feeling we want everyone in need to be ministered to. So only the individual’s choices are open to debate.

    In the US, the “Affordable Care Act” was passed with no debate on the slippery “affordability” (before or after one’s 30-pack of Budweiser and lottery tickets?) nor definition of “care” (routine care? dental? gender counseling? cosmetic surgery? experimental procedures? surgical forking of one’s tongue?). We totaled “national spending” on health care as though it was as monolithic as “Dreamers” – and thus built a bureaucracy that even Republicans can’t bear to dismantle (maybe one of the mandates, but only after you re-elect us). We continue to have Congressional debates on the “high cost” of miracle drugs, which ten years ago were unavailable at any cost.

    Bernie, I would throw out “free at the point of delivery” if everything were also in the bathwater. Private charity and the medical profession always have been and would still be able to ensure that no one is left dying on the street, if we stopped supplanting them with bureaucracy.

  7. @ Tim
    Why is Nick Cohen to argue for the vital importance of genes to enable superior performance in “The Guardian”? What would happen if I did that?

  8. He doesn’t even grasp that an observational study can prove nothing about cause-and-effect. That always seems to me to point to intellectual limitations that ought to preclude anyone taking him seriously.

    @john77: to aim for greater power than Elizabeth II is a pretty low bar. If that’s all that Heilary wants she should run for mayor of Chappaqua. And I must say she’s never struck me as intelligent. I was unsurprised when I learned that she’d failed the bar exam in Washington DC.

  9. @ dearieme
    Hillary is a graduate, which in my day in the UK meant something (yeah we did notice that nearly all Rhodes Scholars were graduates who came to do an undergraduate degree but most of them were pretty bright) and Philip is the brains of the family. It is possible to have some intelligence without being a Trinity Maths scholar – I’m not saying Hillary has a Cantab level of intelligence – I am saying that she lacks Her Nibs’ honesty and integrity, sense of duty, consideration for others, love of her subjects, humility …

  10. @john77
    Most of the Rhodes scholars I met (a very nice bunch) were doing a BCL (which is a post-grad degree). But that may have been just Magdalen (not so long ago, Magdalen graduates formed a majority on the US Supreme Court).

  11. Chris Miller said:
    “Most of the Rhodes scholars I met (a very nice bunch) were doing a BCL (which is a post-grad degree)”

    Yeah, but it’s a taught post-grad; it’s basically the final year of a second undergrad degree

  12. The one and only argument against privatising the NHS is that it would inevitably be hived off to some outfit like Carillion, stuffed full of people skilled only at extracting contracts from dimwits in government and paper-pushers implementing progressive schemes in order to please the parasitical classes, with the directors presiding over the unfolding disaster trousering millions before walking away scot-free. The patients would be absolutely fucked.

    How the UK can shift from the current arrangement to a proper one I have no idea, but I have every confidence any government would fuck it up royally if they tried.

  13. “How the UK can shift from the current arrangement to a proper one I have no idea, but I have every confidence any government would fuck it up royally if they tried.”

    Simply get government out of the health care business.

    “it would inevitably be hived off to some outfit like Carillion” means they are still in the business.

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