Err, yes, that’s why we’re leaving

Brexit threatens European social progress – leftwingers must speak up

Not, actually, because it’s lefty nonsense being imposed. But because of the imposition. Democracy means the peeps get to decide. A system which imposes certain values and or policies, which the peeps cannot over rule, is thus not democratic, is it?

Do the British want farm subsidies? 50% import tariffs on certain foods? The inability to deport foreign rapists? Sure, all of these are arguable either way but then so are certain definitions of social progress. Who, whom, rather goes to the heart of the matter, doesn’t it?

15 thoughts on “Err, yes, that’s why we’re leaving”

  1. This is precisely why lefties love the EU, of course. They know they can’t get the majority of Brits (or at least, English) to vote for their inane progressive guff, so they need the EU to impose it.

  2. “Social progress” ie where people like me order the rest of you about and tax you into the ground to fund our quangos, fake charities and state non-jobs.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    It is like the Scottish government the other day trying to ring fence welfare spending so that no government can change it. The EU has served as a way of the Left avoiding democratic accountability and the electorate.

    All the more reason for us to leave. Although it is too late as Britain is now sufficiently non-British that we will converge to EuroArabia in the end.

  4. Last week Emmanuel Macron, who has promoted the idea of a “Europe that protects”, travelled to London for a meeting with Theresa May. Yet for all the resemblance of his ideas to Delors’, Macron didn’t once say the words “social Europe”. This was a missed opportunity.

    He did however take the opportunity to concede that if a Frexit referendum were held, then France would leave the EU – not that he’s in favour of Frexit but that he recognises that “something must be done”.

    When Angela Merkel finally manages to cobble together a coalition with the emasculated (pace NiV) Martin Schulz, there should be boundless EU fun while France and Germany jockey for control of the Commission.

    Brexit will become a side show in 2018.

  5. “Social progress”

    In other words, criminal penalties for people who don’t use whatever pronoun insane people want to be referred to by (see Canada).

  6. Surely lots of “challenging individuals” from “problematic countries” (aka shitholes) coming here and making a living as taxi or Uber drivers while picking up state benefits and a minority of them having a side career as serial rapists is “social progress”.

    And, as per yesterday’s Moroccan German (or German Moroccan) terrorist, also, for some expansive definitions, “European”?

  7. The Unused Testicle

    Watching a programme about the American Revolution the other day, I wondered what the Remainiacs thought about it, or the Commonwealth, come to that?

    Somehow, I can’t see them demanding endless referendums from the USA, India or Jamaica, urging them to stay in the Commonwealth.

    They’d be right on, calling us all “colonial bastards”. But, if you bring the setting up to date, somehow the same logic reverses itself in the Remainy Mind and we become Racist Bastards for not wanting to be ruled by Germany.

    The proto-USA even had a catchy phrase for it. No taxation without representation, eh?

  8. Natalie is right. British progressive euro-love was founded on getting measures implemented that wouldn’t otherwise be done by a british blue government. The problem, the problem she hops skips and jumps over is that its a very weak foundation for British membership of the EU. It means using the EU as your proxy. And by definition if you’re successful you do it at the cost of pissing off a majority in Britain. And avoiding an excess of pissed-offedness is the prime function of democracy.

  9. I just had a German moaning at me that he spent 6 months and €3k sorting out his China employment license but any fucker from Africa can just swim in and stay.

    I suspect he’s probably quite sympathetic towards Brexit (I didn’t ask!).

  10. As a thought experiment, try imagining the reaction if our final Brexit treaty with the EU included a long-term comittment to keep certain Single Market rules in British law. I’m thinking here of rules preventing State Aid. Can you imagine how the Corbynistas would scream about sovereignty and ‘binding our hands’?

  11. “This topic is closed for comments”. Clearly I must get up earlier. The Grun is posting a suspiciously higher and higher number of its articles at dark-o’clock and closing the comments before decent people have got out of bed and got a cup of tea ready.

  12. The Grun is posting a suspiciously higher and higher number of its articles at dark-o’clock and closing the comments before decent people have got out of bed and got a cup of tea ready.

    Which rules out their core demographic, being lazy shysters.

  13. Which rules out their core demographic, being lazy shysters

    @Rob – I think their core demographic consists of beeboids up early for the Today programme.

    I think you’re both saying the same thing!

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