Err, yes, yes

Three times as many people are dying of flu this winter in the UK compared with last year, with the death toll since October now at 155, figures show.

Doesn’t seem to be much more flu around. Vaccinations are up marginally I think.

Seems that the national, state run, monopoly went and bought the wrong strain of the vaccine. Hey, it happens. But….

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  1. Flu varies on infectiveness and impact. This one is (seems to be) a relatively high impact one. So more people will die.

    That we have a mere 155 people having died so far actually shows that we are not doing badly (and how many of those would have died anyway, absent the flu?)

  2. France is having serious problems too, elective surgery postponed in January. Tough gig to blame that on the Tories or “NHS cuts”.

  3. How many died because greenfreak surcharges pushed them over the edge from “just able to pay” to “can’t pay” energy bills?

  4. There also seems to be a strain of an unusually debilitating cold around, but I’ve not seen it mentioned in the papers. Or is it just that as we, and our friends and family, age, we are all more easily debilitated?

  5. dearieme,

    I’ve never been a frequent cold-getter, but will continue to feel smug about having gone the whole of 2017 without a single respiratory infection – until the inevitable happens. We develop greater immunity as we age due to exposure to a wider variety of bugs.

  6. dearieme – it’s not you. My previously indestructible 18 year old has been confined to bed all week.

    I had eighteen months off work – wasn’t ill once. Back to the germ cocktail of the tube and the City and it’s taken less than a month for me to be laid low.

  7. @ dearieme
    It’s not just you – I try to keep fairly fit (or fairly fit for my age) but I had a bad cold that lasted weeks and, sufficiently long afterwards that it couldn’t be connected, training was cancelled because my coach and her husband were laid low by what he described as “a cough even worse than John’s”.

  8. 155 deaths in three-and-a-bit months – that’s about 1 in 100,000 per annum if one ignores seasonal variations, so increasing mortality rates by less than 0.1%.
    The Grauniad says that those visiting their GP with ‘flu-type symptms was 54.1 per 100,000 in the last week so the mortality of 35 was about 0.1% of those falling ill (OK they fell in during earlier weeks but 0.1% is close enough – it’s unlikely to be 0.0% or 0.2%).
    This is a big story: why? – because Grauniad journalisats can’t do sums.

  9. I had eighteen months off work – wasn’t ill once. Back to the germ cocktail of the tube and the City and it’s taken less than a month for me to be laid low

    First thing I do getting into work after the train or tube is wash my hands in hot water and soap. You can’t do much about some fucker sneezing or breathing germs over you though, except get earlier/later Trains which might be quieter.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    I carry a bottle of alcohol gel for the same reason. I went almost three years without anything debilitating enough to merit a day off work and then a few months into a new job got a chest cold that still had me coughing six weeks after the primary symptoms had subsided.

  11. Washing hands works for me! Colleagues have been out for a week with this flu.

    For me, I got it but did ok having had an illness that triggered my immune system to be on “11” the whole time. (Who knew cytokines and interleukins are actually toxic in high doses? It isn’t fun… ) Anyway I never get a cold now, except over Xmas the flu hit me. Nearly had to take a day off work.

    NHS flu vaccine issue isn’t something the private sector would necessarily do better. Long lead time to get doses means a guess which they normally get right. Hospital capacity is always a political football so all t more reason to reform the NHS. If only so Corbyn can ask about something else for a change.

  12. I like the really useful government information health adverts.

    “Catch it bin it kill it” which I think is about ISIS terrorists.

    “Two a day max” clearly refers to bottles of whisky

    “Don’t stick you head in a pan of boiling hot chip fat”

    “Don’t jump off tall buildings”

    I might have made those last two up but why not. Anyone who needs telling this shit probably can’t turn on a tv or radio anyway.

    I’ve got one for the government department responsible for all this bollocks.

    “Fuck off and stop wasting my money”

  13. 155 deaths ‘ not all that much’
    only the safe would say that.
    Flu is corrosive – it wears you down even if you don’t die. And old people don’t respond to flu immunisation as well as the young.

  14. @ john malpas
    I presume (since the pseudo-quote does not match any actual comment) that you are aiming your comment at my septuagenurian self.

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