Falling life expectancy

People in post-industrial towns and isolated rural areas are dying younger while longevity is rising in London and parts of the southeast, according to the first detailed analysis of national data.

Economic stagnation and cuts to services such as social care are among theories suggested for consistent falls in life expectancy over half a decade in dozens of local authority areas.

Other factors that may play a role include rising rates of obesity, a greater effect of smoking and drinking in poor areas, and loneliness or lack of care when children move away from their parents. An increase in flu deaths in recent winters has also been suggested as a contributor.

Migration. No, internal migration, the fit and young leaving depressed areas.

Is it the right or total answer? Possibly, probably not the total one. But until that is studied and the effect detailed we’re not going to get anywhere close to working out why it’s happening.

9 thoughts on “Falling life expectancy”

  1. “until that is studied and the effect detailed we’re not going to get anywhere close to working out why it’s happening”

    They’re not interested in why it’s happening. This is policy-based evidence making.

  2. The Other Bloke in Italy

    I am sure that some years ago, you pointed out that retirement areas had higher death rates, and places with younger populations lower rates.

  3. ‘according to the first detailed analysis of national data’

    Marketing talk.

    Therefore, unlikely to be science.

  4. Obligatory references to drinking and smoking, both of which have been falling in recent years, see Chris Snowden. File it in the round filing cabinet.

  5. If you move a few miles from Great Yarmouth then it should give you another 2 years of life after the age of 65……I wouldn’t go south towards Lowestoft but inland towards Wroxham where they seem to have some miiracle long life thing going that allows them to still drive cars after the age of 90 despite not being able to turn their heads very much.

  6. Why would you assume anyone is interested in working out why it is happening?

    It is merely a stick to be wielded by the people that want to hurt us.

  7. There is a certain pleasure in living much longer than the young.
    You can point out what soft living they have and yet there is a fair chance that soon longevity will be curbed by the government for ‘fairness and equality’ etc. when they get there.

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