Female logic, eh?

“I do not want any more money, that is not what it’s about,” she added.

“This will not resolve my problem. My problem will be resolved by an acknowledgment that my work was of equal value to the men I served alongside as an international editor.

“An apology would be nice.”

Gracie said she had no desire to “get into a fight” with male colleagues who were paid more than her.

“One of the things that’s made me sad is the tendency for this to turn into a comparison between me and the North America editor, and me and the Middle East editor,” she told MPs.

Your entire case rests upon such a comparison. You insist that you should get equal pay for the same work. So, how can we know if it’s equal work or not unless we compare?

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  1. Heard something interesting on this on R4, maybe about an hour ago.

    Not sure who the contributor was, but apparently the report mentions that average length of service at Aunty Beeb for men is seventeen years; for women, twelve. There was then a reference to some sort of squeeze on spending, about ten years ago.

    Needless to say, this didn’t seem to be explored.

    Anyone know what squeeze was? Around 2006-07? Anyone care?

  2. Ducky McDuckface said: “Anyone know what squeeze was? Around 2006-07? Anyone care?”

    Around that time the licence fee stopped growing.

  3. I want acknowledgement that I measure up! I was not asking for measurement!

    It feels like those few days each month where a certain class of people starts getting outrageous, and at the same time demands to be taken more seriously.

    Culminated by the unarguable and unmeasurable assertion that something “has made me sad.”

    Ducky – And indeed the usual explanation of sex-based pay inequality (apart from a malevolent conspiracy) is that women renounce continuous service on the job, in greater numbers, to stay home and tend the children. Though we are certainly not permitted to measure this either.

  4. So happy I don’t have a tv or watch tv and fund this fucking nonsense. Fish rots from the head down….

    How many of these BBC hacks would get similar remuneration in the private sector?

    And yes Tim you are correct her case rests in them being comparable jobs and people, except they aren’t as I’m sure North America is a bigger job than china in many ways.

  5. “My problem will be resolved by an acknowledgment that my work was of equal value to the men I served alongside as an international editor”

    Maybe her work was *not* of equal value to that given by the men she worked alongside. Where was the male BBC China Editor to compare her with?

    This demonstrates that what all these arguments boil down to is not equal earnings, but equal pay regardless of earnings. “I’m a 50-year-old with ten year’s experience, I **DEMAND** to be paid the same as a 50-year-old with 30 years experience”. “I submit one news report a week, I ****DEMAND*******(**(&*()&*)*^ to be paid the same as somebody who submits five news reports a week!!11!!!!”

  6. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Andrew – Narp.

    Let’s not privatise the BBC, we don’t need the likes of Richard Branson running a state-privileged propaganda network at mate’s rates.

    And it’s not as if Sky News or ITV is noticeably better than Al-Beebra. Journalists and media types as a class are hostile to truth, beauty, goodness and sanity. If that wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t lie to us every day while covering for Moon Cult crimes and continuing to be palpably butthurt about Brexit and Trump.

    Just shut it down and sell off its assets. Maybe transfer the staff to Mr Ecks’ private facility for the shoeing of lefties, on St. Kilda.

  7. On the morning that this story was breaking I heard her do an interview with a Trump supporter. Her interview technique was to slag off Trump and expect his supporter to join her in a denunciation fest.
    When he declined to participate, she had nothing more in her arsenal.
    She does not warrant equal pay because she cannot perform equally to her co-hosts, be they male or female.

  8. She didn’t seem to mind when on being awarded the position she was being paid more than the then existing North America editor, the issue seems to arisen when they appointed a new editor who they had to pay more.
    Also it’s hard to feel sympathy for someone who turned down a 100k backpay offer and can afford to publicaly slate her employer to this extent and keep her well paid job at the taxpayers expense.

  9. who’d heard of her before she resigned. lazy cow wasn’t even based in china. Glad i stopped paying the licence fee some years ago.

  10. @diogenes – I don’t know how highly rated it is, but a quick glance at the BBC news China page suggests the coverage has been hastily written for (or by) teenagers.

    Plus, what moqifen said. What fucking use is a China correspondent who lives in London?

  11. So Much For Subtlety

    Woman claims she wants R-E-S-P-E-C-T and not more money?

    That is about half the gender pay gap right there.

  12. Again Steve says it better. A “Virgin” Bullshit Corporation would simply be creating a corporate socialist addition to the ranks of Sky and ITV who are in CM’s pocket already.

    As they are private there is little to be done –officially–about Skyitv but, as they say,” because of the unique way it is funded” a decent govt could go for a world record BBC “24 hours to non-existence” dash. A pity that Roy Castle isn’t here to make one final “Record Breakers” documenting the BBCs dissolution as the fastest ever achieved of a major Marxist organisation. Being in the record books ahead of the Soviet Union would be a nice little feat to dance out on so to speak.

    I wonder what their Final Programme (apologies to Michael Moorcock) would be?

    A rant of Marxist cant warning ( both hypocritically and hilariously) of Hitler-style socialist death camps–as opposed to the socialist death camps they wanted to see.

    Or perhaps one final edition of “Strictly” to remind us of their wonderful latter-day output that we would all be deprived of once they’re ‘gorn so to speak.

    Or perhaps something from the long-vanished non CM past to celebrate that they were once a world class pioneer who stood for something far better than the leftist shite they now peddle daily.

    As for our private friends then abolishing the states licencing of broadcasts and allowing a free for all would soon bust up the leftist hold over the airwaves.

  13. Apparently, there is a difference of 7% in pay between male and female employees at the Beeb, but not discrimination. OK, sounds reasonable, for all the reasons any reader of Tim’s blog will be familiar with.

    They then say that there is no clarity for how pay is arrived at.

    Grrr!! How can there be? Suppose the Beeb wants to employ Fergie as a presenter? Just how is anyone to evaluate how much to pay her, or how much pay to demand? How can there be “clarity” in such circumstances?

  14. All a bit ridiculous. Anybody who saw Carrie Gracies’s pieces from China, before all the heat was on, would have realised that she is exceptionally good at her job: shooting most of her material out in the street, dealing with doubtless very intrusive secret service surveillance and talking to ordinary Chinese in fluent Mandarin represented a technical, at the very least, tour de force.
    She also made some very unfamiliar material interesting compared with comparable male efforts from guys sent to relatively soft billets in the States who added nothing to stories you were prepped up on anyway,
    The fact is she was obviously better than them , so should at least be paid the same, in my opinion more.
    (I am not an invariable pro-feminist.)

  15. Law sez that the job should be of equal value, not the work done by the person.

    If the China editor job, the Middle East editor job and the North America editor job are equal then the pay should be the same.

    Individual performance should be a matter of bonus, not of base pay.

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