Fillies being covered by Big Knobs

Mare Fair Tax champions

It’s as accurate a description as anyone has provided so far.

8 thoughts on “Fillies being covered by Big Knobs”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Mare Fair? Isn’t that something like where all the Tinks in the UK gather at Appleby for some bare fist fighting and wedding planning?

    I am all for taxing them.

  2. Really, they are crowing about getting 35 signups in 45 months, when the lower end of their business plan target was 12 times that?

  3. Noel

    three really big names though – that’ll send tremors down boardroom spines across the FTSE 250…..

    The supercilious nature of this comment really stick in the craw:

    ‘I post it to show that there are companies who really do believe that paying tax is not a choice, but a duty to society.’

    What the F&&* would this rotund cretin know about ‘duties to society’?

  4. Murphy is trying to cement his credentials for a post with the SNP by using Scots, just he can’t spell it yet.

    Mair (more) Fair Tax Champions

  5. Van Patten – Indeed. I hire an agent (perhaps indirectly) to perform a duty to me. He begins preening about how valorous he is to recognize a rather open-ended duty to someone else (as opposed to merely obeying the law). I fire his ass.

  6. @spike

    I think it’s been 20 years since anyone was stupid enough to pay spud to look after their tax affairs.

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