Gee, ya think?

A new study suggests that women are four times as sensitive to salary when considering a male partner as men are when choosing a female partner.

Neatly explaining why fathers earn more than non-fathers…..

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  1. Ugly women marry ugly men….more attractive people marry attractive people.

    Ugly men buck this trend when they are good earners.

  2. How attractive are you to the opposite sex lads?….take a look at your wife cos you have probably married someone with same attractiveness as you.

    Next time you walk around Tescos you can spot the bloody obvious in other couples

  3. 4 X 0 = 0

    Gamecock has always been salary insensitive to potential mates. My only care is that they have a job; what they make doesn’t matter to me.

  4. I’ve had self-declared feminists complain that their ex-partners couldn’t hold down a job or were broke. When it comes down to it, one way or another, even the hardcore feminists expect the bloke to shoulder the financial burden of the relationship, and if he doesn’t they’ll complain like hell.

  5. “Fathers earn more than non-fathers”

    Men who have lower costs (non-fathers or single for instance) might choose to do jobs they prefer even if they are lower paying and/or work fewer hours.
    Those with a low-earning partner and especially offspring are often pushed into working longer hours, or taking a higher paying job they hate, regardless.

  6. I like Timmy’s theory. That it’s not that fathers earn more, it’s that men who earn more become fathers. But that would mean there should be a swathe of lower/non earners who can’t get a woman to breed with them. And there isn’t particularly because there are plenty of women shopping at the bottom end and we know these people breed.

    So I prefer the notion that fathers are better employees. I can see that being particularly true at the lower end because, for those who do give a fuck, the arrival of a child is usually a trigger for lots of lifestyle changes, often conducive to being better at work.

    Non-fathers being able to take it a bit easier only works if they are partnered up. Single people have to step it up to exist, financially, in a world built for couples (particularly re. Housing costs)

  7. The Thought Gang
    “Non-fathers being able to take it a bit easier only works if they are partnered up. Single people have to step it up to exist, financially, in a world built for couples (particularly re. Housing costs)”

    Everything else being equal, there can be savings in two people sharing, but if the woman partner doesn’t make as much as the man then the partnered man might have to make more than the single man to make up for that.

    It’s also been my observation that women are overwhelmingly more likely to want to live in more expensive/comfortable housing with more expensive furnishings, re-decorations, etc than men.
    Men left to their own devices might spend more on gadgets but otherwise most will be content to live in lower status housing.
    Has a single, straight, non-millionaire man, off his own bat, ever totally ripped out and replaced a perfectly functioning kitchen or bathroom? Certainly not because they simply don’t much care for the style.

  8. @ The Thought Gang
    Yes, I have (admittedly anecdotal) evidence fro a running pal – his boss allegedly used to ask would-be recruits “Are you married?; do you have a mortgag?” – if yes to both, he’d hire them because he knew they would do the work and overtime neeed to help the firm keep going.

  9. @ Tim
    Some men consider women’s characters and intellects as well as their looks: my father married one he met at Oxford, I married one I met after she came down from Cambridge. In neither case did we worry (or even need to) about their earning power.

  10. @JS

    I agree with some of that. Especially men being more content with old but functioning kitchens. But men do equallly seem to want housing in a good location, and the bulk of a house’s cost is that. If there’s a couple then that’s a lot of fixed expense being divided by two.

    Two earners also get a tax advantage. A household of two people where one earns 60k and one earns 20k pays a lot less tax than a household where one person earns 80k. Council tax is the only one that gives singles a discount.

  11. “Council tax is the only one that gives singles a discount.”

    And not spending money on women. The secret of my wealth is I have spent double ought zero on women in over 20 years.

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