A previous audit of BBC salaries compiled by PwC and the law firm Eversheds, which was published in October, found that it pays men an average of 9.3 per cent more than women, and that they are far more likely to occupy senior positions.

And or because?

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  1. You know how this is going to pan out. The so-called ‘star’ men will be phased out and replaced by (cheaper) women – Woman’s Hour on a grander scale. If it gets rid of Lineker and Jeremy Vine I’ll vote for it. The BBC are either civil servants whose pay conforms to a rigid salary scale, or the organisation is privatised and enhanced salaries are paid for by their pay-to-view/listen customers rather than the general public.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Accounting and law firms are notorious for the long hours their staff put in.

    Now, which sort of staff are more likely to bill heart-stopping quasi-illegal hours and which are more likely to leave early to pick up the children from tennis practice? Which are more likely to be promoted?

    You know, it is a mystery really. Must be sexism.

  3. Did anyone see Jordan Henderson being interviewed by Cathy Newman on C4 last night, where he tried very patiently to explain to her that the pay differences between men and women are not wholly attributable to gender. It was reminiscent of Snippa being questioned by Andrew Neil

  4. Jordan Peterson interview should be compulsory training for any politician or public figure to the right of Jeremy Corbyn in how to deal with the bigoted logical fallacy loaded ‘gotcha’ style interview that dominates the lefty media. Immediately counter the ‘puts words in your mouth’ moment from the loaded question, calmly repeat your true position, don’t lose your temper however annoying they are (which they always are) and point out that the reason you are there is that it is actually you not they who is the expert. “How can you make these sweeping generalisations” (she said doing nothing but) “because I’m a clinical psychologist” he replied with just the right amount of ‘how ridiculous is this woman?’ written on his face. See also JRM totally disarm little Owen Jones.

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