How does this work then?

An NHS hospital in Greater Manchester has become England’s first to ban all sugary food and drinks for both patients and staff.

Are there not packets of sugar to put in the tea?

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  1. I don’t know how this is supposed to work, but it is virtue-signalling progressivity at its worst.

    Total and utter bull-sh*te.

    There are clearly far too many people in the NHS far removed from health care and with bu**er all to do.

    Yes, that’s right today I am in a bad mood!

  2. If I was going in–and thank Christ I’m not–I would take a bag full of tins and offer one free to anyone else on the ward with a thirst.

    Fuck the NHS boss class and our money they rode in on.

    That they have time, money and brass neck for such antics is doubly shameful.

    Take their supposed “winter crisis” that ZaNu and its allies are presently spewing forth about.

    About 9.7 bill of waste has already been pinpointed–including 1.2 bill for negligence–ie letting Granny die of thirst etc.

    Then there is PFI. UKIP’s Nuttall claims 10% of the NHS budget goes on PFI payments. Fullfact the UK s prime lying leftist cunts “fact-checking” organisation says it is only 2 billion. If you are talking only about repayments to PFI companies that might stand.

    Strangely tho’ Fullfuck doesn’t dismiss–or even mention– all the whinging about PFI by such as Guardian and the Independent. Hardly rightwingers. Who point out that NHS trusts are having to put 15-20 % of their budget to actually maintain PFI hospitals –cos they don’t own the buildinga. And thus can’t get away with neglecting them.This fucks up the usual public sector outcome. Piss all the money away on crap like 12 bill computers that don’t work and sugar fatwas and then use the maintenance money to keep going. The buildings etc turn to poorly maintained toilets but who cares? Not the NHS management.

    All the waste plus the PFI expenditure would resolve their self-created “crisis” soon enough. Though if they weren’t useless shite one would not have arisen in the first place.

  3. I suspect this may be the result of NHS “managers” watching youtube videos of nutritionists like Rhonda Patrick suggesting that the elimination of refined sugars from the average person’s diet is the single biggest dietary change they could make to improve their health. To be fair, she might be right, but the NHS idiots ought to be made to understand that people have other values in their lived besides maximizing their health. Twats.

  4. The NHS boss class should be made to understand that INCREASING the amount of sugar, booze, fags and blow that the hoi polloi consume will significantly REDUCE their costs over time. Dead chavs cost nought to maintain.

  5. What’s the betting this is a fairly crap hospital that’s using this as a distraction from the hard work of actually providing decent services to a budget?

  6. Sorry, but nutritionists belong on the same list of professionals as astrologists & feng shui consultants.

  7. “Sorry, but nutritionists belong on the same list of professionals as astrologists & feng shui consultants.”

    Agreed, but this list should also include many medical doctors based on the wrong health and nutrition advice they have been issuing for decades, founded in most cases on fvcking quack science.

  8. Is it the sort of hospital where the staff will put down a mug of tea for a patient with the handle pointing away from the patient so that the old dear can’t lift it?

    It notoriously happens hereabouts. Some of the staff aren’t just thick, they’re shits.

  9. Maritime Barbarian

    You’re all missing the point, that it’s the EVIL SODA that is to be banned. These are often AMERICAN and sold by BIG CORPORATIONS which only want to get us FAT and ADDICTED TO SUGAR.
    Coca-Cola even comes from the DEEP SOUTH.

  10. The entire management team of the Trust ought to be researching Pyongyand and Caracas prior to being shipped out. Truly horrendous, and an example of what the country can expect once Jez Corbin is in power….

    I echo Bilbaoboy – this story is illustrative of so much wrong with Britain in 2018…

  11. My mum died last October, she had gone into hospital, in Manchester btw, with a broken ankle. They left her with no water for three days and she got a water infection, she died of kidney failure a month or so later.

    These bastards need to get their priorities straight.

    Envy of the world my arse.

  12. “These bastards need to get their priorities straight.”

    Which is more career-enhancing: virtue signalling about Coke, or running a hospital competently at the price of endless shroud-waving complaints from the unions?

  13. I have this memory of surgeons complaining some years ago that their patients weren’t getting enough calories to heal properly. So I take it we solved that problem, then?

  14. @Apache

    Orthopaedic surgeons. Admit someone with a broken bone, stuff them full of non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, dehydrate and watch them go into renal failure.

    Some physicians especially geriatricians make it their job to trawl the wards for these (usually older) patients. We call it ‘Search and Rescue’

  15. I wonder if survival rates and general wellbeing for patients and staff alike would be solved by letting McDonalds do the catering.

  16. I’m starting to think we need a new libertarian party standing against marginal Conservatives saying ‘nice government you’ve got there, shame if something happened to it’, forcing them to change policies.

    They are utterly useless. Even from a self preservation aspect, they should be wrecking their enemy’s ground: the BBC, the NHS, the fake charities. The public is massively against current levels of foreign aid spending, but they keep doing it.

  17. I wonder if survival rates and general wellbeing for patients and staff alike would be solved by letting McDonalds do the catering.

    Even simpler: make the staff eat the same food as the patients.

  18. @Anon – may I recommend bunging the Scottish Libertarian Party some of your hard-earned money.
    Start local – a marginal conservative council seat perhaps where they are a couple of % ahead of one of the dependency parties.

  19. My dad was in hospital recently, he has coeliacs so his diet has to be gluten free. He was literally starving so my mum offered to do a meal and bring it in for him – horror from staff you cannot do that.
    So every day she brought in some sandwiches for him, enough for his 3 meals.
    What they were trying to feed him included regular sandwiches (which would make him quite ill), stuff with regular gravy poured on it (again make him ill) and stuff that was simply inedible.

    I’ve already said to the wife next time I’m in hospital more than a day she’s to bring in KFC of an evening and I’ll eat it cold. Better cold KFC than the stuff the hospital serves the patients.

  20. Even simpler: make the staff eat the same food as the patients

    You will never square the circle of unionised porters wanting bacon rolls and health nazis wanting to inflict inedible food on patients.

  21. Lads get your missus to wear her nurses outfit and a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi and stand outside the entrance to an NHS looking suitably glum with the fizzy in one hand and a fag in the other.

    There is usually a group of fat nurses and half dead patients as a guard of honour smoking at the entrance.

    Viral photo opportunity …be quick.

  22. I wonder if survival rates and general wellbeing for patients and staff alike would be solved by letting McDonalds do the catering.

    Hospital food is so shite here it is quite common for relatives to bring in McDonald’s for the patients!

  23. Friend of mine had his kid hurt in an explosion a few years back, the kid was 14 at the time and was in hospital over a week.
    He took in fast food every evening from a nearby place (town centre just a few minutes drive away) and fed his lad much to the disgust of the staff.
    Growing teen – more damage done by starving for a week than by one meal a day of food being eaten.

  24. My lad was in hospital just before New Year for an appendectomy. He phoned me up the morning he was discharged saying he was allowed to come home that day after lunch. When I arrived, lunch (such as it was) was just about finished. It consisted of soup with a separate plate of a bread roll and roast potatoes, and a dessert that defies description in a plastic tub. I asked him what the food was like. His reply: “Well it has got me in the mood for reading my book”.

    He was reading Solzhenitsyn’s Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

  25. Henry, if that’s your lad’s (reading) fare, I recommend Varlam Shalamov’s Kolyma Tales, a collection of short stories about the Gulag system. Just make sure it is the newer longer version.

  26. I believe that it’s impossible to gauge the NHS as a whole. Its the archetypal Curate’s egg. I was operated on at the weekend. The organisation, the parking, the reception, the signage and the food were atrocious. When I eventually found “my” department they were friendly and helpful and caring and the surgeon put my mashed-up finger back together quickly and efficiently. It didn’t cost me a penny.

  27. How do people on insulin who become hypoglycemic get by if no ready access to glucose or somesuch?

    In the “Envy of the World?”

    They ring the buzzer and hope the nurse can be arsed to put down their magazine and go fetch someone that is qualified to hook up a glucose drip. Total procedure costing ££££s in equipment and doctor time, rather than <£1 in Mars bar.

  28. “How do people on insulin who become hypoglycemic get by if no ready access to glucose or somesuch?”

    Good question. I had a golfing friend saved by Pepsi on several occasions. Her husband always made sure there was some in his golf bag, just in case.

  29. Pepsi rather than Coke? Good taste. Dandelion and Burdock would be even better of course. And on course too.

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