How excellent

Rwanda has become the first low-income country to provide universal eye care for its 12 million population.

No, not a joke nor a sneer. All the people of a poor country now get eye care. Excellent.

However, this is to manage poverty. What we really want is to abolish poverty. For there are 98,000 (internet statistic) such problems in each and every poor country and getting rid o the poverty solves all of them at once.

No, not even don’t take glasses to the myopic, it’s not even that. Just don’t allow minor successes to lead to losing sight of the goal.

5 thoughts on “How excellent”

  1. No doubt the statistics out of Rwanda are accurate and there are in fact over 3000 trained nurses and all the people get eye care.

    I believe it because it was reported in the Guardian and the Guardian always relies on “facts”.

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