How to make sure Facebook links to no news stories

Rupert Murdoch called on Facebook to pay trusted media organisations a fee for content, marking the latest attack on the social media giant’s handling of news.

Some variation of Gresham’s Law perhaps, free drives out paid?

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  1. I’m not sure if this is talking about fees for copying content (fine) or a link tax (bonkers and dangerous). Google and Facebook blur the lines by routinely copying content to their own platforms when their users (products) post links to 3rd party sites.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    The more that Facebook intervenes in what it puts on its site, the more they are going to face these sorts of charges. The alt-right has led to all sorts of internet companies pulling support and services for the wrong sort of people. But if they do that, they cannot claim to be neutral. They are not just a pipeline if they are censoring.

    So Murdoch might be on to something. If Facebook is choosing what news its users should see – and that is what they are doing because they are not promoting the most popular, or what the user might like, but what politically correct news Facebook *thinks* they should read – I think there is a good case to make them pay.

  3. I thought I got news posts on my Facebook feed because my local newspaper posts the stories there. They are all titled “MyTown Gazette” and the content is always phrased in the first person – we have been told, see our news report, read our Facebook page.

  4. Most news is worthless. It only ever had value because of limited channels. I mean what’s the value of The Times printing the Oscar nominations when you can just go straight to the academy’s website or get it from one of hundreds or thousands of other websites, many of whom will give it away to Facebook.

    They had a strike over pay at my local paper but you go on Facebook there’s a group for every ward. That’s how people find out what’s going on now. It’s cheaper and better.

  5. Just leaving this one here;

    Which includes;

    “What is fake news?

    Satire or parody which means no harm but can fool people”

    Which brings to mind the interesting historical example;

    The second episode, “Drugs”, has been described by professor Michael Gossop as illustrative of the ease in which anti-drug hysteria can be evoked in the United Kingdom.[1] In the opening scene of this episode, a voiceover tells viewers that there are so many drugs on the streets of Britain that “not even the dealers know them all”. An undercover reporter (Morris) asks a purportedly real-life drug dealer in London for various fictitious drugs, including “Triple-sod”, “Yellow Bentines” and “Clarky Cat”, leaving the dealer puzzled and increasingly irritated until he tells the reporter to leave. He also explains that possession of drugs without physical contact and the exchange of drugs through a mandrill are perfectly legal in English law.

    One drug mentioned was a fictitious Czechoslovakian (despite the country no longer existing when the episode was screened) drug called “Cake”. The drug purportedly affected an area of the brain called “Shatner’s Bassoon” (altering the user’s perception of time), while also giving them a bloated neck due to “massive water retention”, a “Czech neck”, and was frequently referred to as “a made-up drug” during the show.[1] David Amess, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Basildon, was fooled into filming an elaborate video warning against the dangers of this drug,[1] and went as far as to ask a question about “Cake” in the UK Parliament, alongside real substances khat and gamma-hydroxybutyric acid. In response, the Home Office minister incorrectly identified the fictitious drug “Cake” as a pseudonym for the hallucinogenic drug methylenedioxybenzylamphetamine.[2] Other celebrities such as Sir Bernard Ingham, Noel Edmonds, and Rolf Harris were shown holding the bright-yellow cake-sized pill as they talked, with Bernard Manning telling viewers a fictitious story about how one girl threw up her own pelvis[1] and describing how “One kiddy on Cake cried all the water out of his body. Just imagine how his mother felt. It’s a fucking disgrace”.

    Quite remarkable.

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