How wondrously, gorgeously, cheeky

Businessman selling sex dolls offers customers a £50 ‘try before you buy’ scheme for a half hour session at an industrial estate in Gateshead
Customers can ‘test drive’ sex dolls at the industrial site in Gateshead for £50
Service was launched in December and business has had a ‘few’ customer since

What truly amuses here is that 30 minutes with a live one on an industrial estate in Gateshead is highly likely to cost less than £50.

So, you know, good luck mate.

14 thoughts on “How wondrously, gorgeously, cheeky”

  1. Live ones cost a lot more to take home and keep.

    You want the price to be high enough that mainly serious buyers will take it. Keep the tramps and the lower end of the curiosity-crowd out.

  2. “Live One” is an ambitious description for a tom you’d find working a Gateshead industrial estate.

  3. Just watching “What’s your emergency?” which was filmed in Blackpool. Toothless woman was picked up for giving BJs to teenagers. She told the copper she charged a fiver.

  4. Doc: a friend had to do some work in a remote Canadian Town. The lady Mayor charged Russian trawler men $10 a BJ, working atop the town dump. Apparently a right ‘live one’ to meet.

  5. BTW why are unmarried 50 year olds chasing women rather than just shagging hookers when it’s £70 for a 25 year old? You’ll spend more than that on a half decent meal, and that’s not a sure thing.

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