I just couldn’t help thinking of the Professor of Egregious Geography*

Saudi officials detain 11 rinces after they protested at a royal palace over austerity measures including being forced to pay their own utility bills

Mail headline.

*Dunno if I’ve got that title right but that’s what I recall.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    That link does not seem to go to the article as far as I can see. This does, I think:


    But the complaints about their power bills are fun but I don’t think they go to the important part of their complaint:

    The princes had gathered on Thursday at Qasr al-Hokm palace demanding the cancellation of a recent decree that halted state payment of water and electricity bills for royal family members and seeking compensation for a death sentence implemented in 2016 against one of their cousins, Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir.

    They want compensation for one of their own that was executed? The idea of the impartial state is not found in Islam. Everything, including the state coffers, belong to individuals. So part of the Saudi family executed another member of the Saudi family and his nearer relatives are protesting. This shows the Saudi family breaking up. Can they forgive their cousin for killing their brother? Will they hate outsiders more than the bloody cousin?

    It is sort of like the beginning of the Sunni Shia split. The previous Caliph Uthman was murdered by some angry young men and the next Caliph Ali declined to seek vengeance for the killing. They put him in power after all. They took to arms.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I also liked this article:

    Disney said it could not find enough actors from the Asian community to fill specialist background roles including stunt men, dancers and camel handlers, while filming Aladdin in Surrey.

    Imagine that. There is a part of the UK where you can’t find expert camel handlers.

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