If the US government has stopped providing services has it thus stopped charging taxes for providing services


11 thoughts on “If the US government has stopped providing services has it thus stopped charging taxes for providing services”

  1. Glad to see McConnell is going to force a vote. Make the Democrats filibuster. Let them be seen to stick and hold a wrench in the basic workings of legal government in order to support illegal immigrants.

  2. Not only is taxation not on hiatus, we had already established that taxpayers cannot make the excuse of a bad filing system or a discarded hard disk, as former Commissioner Lerner did after she used the IRS to harass Obama’s enemies.

    PJF–A filibuster used to mean that a minority could debate indefinitely (until 60 votes emerged to shut them up) but they would actually have to hold the floor, day and night. In the last decade, leadership counts votes and spares the minority the discomfort. (Ted Cruz’s 2013 “filibuster” was technically just a “gabfest” and he went on for 21 hours mostly because Cruz and McConnell hate one another.) Forcing Democrats to pull all-nighters to advocate for border-jumpers (and their welfare case-workers) might promptly bring this episode to a close.

  3. Paul –

    The IRS will not begin processing individual returns until January 29. There are no refunds to be had until then irrespective of what the children in DC do.

  4. Agammamon. ????????????

    Hey, did you know that The Name Agammamon = 666? Sure it does. All you have to do is take the numerical value of the letters in His name and add them together (1 + 7 + 1 + 13 + 13 + 1 + 13 + 15 + 14), in which case you get 78 which, when multiplied by 8.5384615384615384615384615384615, you get 666!

    Hmm, what could it possibly mean?

  5. And audits are not on hold. The IRS, like most of the federal government, continues to function whether there is a spending bill in place or not.

  6. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    As an aside, I notice that our ‘national broadcaster’ reported the shutdown during Obama’s time as the ignorant, tea party influenced, may right wing republicans putting ideology before county just because they disliked the chosen one in the White House.

    Whereas this is a failing of Trump, apparently.

  7. *drives up in metallic turquoise Toyota truck with blood-spattered front grill and a teetering pile of corpses in the back, blasting Dubstep out rolled-down windows*

    WOOH-HOO! SHUTDOWN 2018! WOOOH! Check out these new rims, yo! They’re china plates I took from our congressman’s wife’s china cabinet! I just super-glued them on, works fine. That’s her in the back of the pile back there. No, the one with the nose missing. And do you see my new earrings? I made ’em out of a toddler’s femurs! Took a lot of trial and error, but I finally got a pair sharpened just right.

    Anyhoo, gotta split! I heard they’re having a garage sale down at what’s left of the police precinct! PARTY LIKE IT’S CURRENT YEAR, MOTHER-EFFERS!

    *drives away, corpse pyramid shedding bodies left and right, honking at burning wrecks of various cars that litter the roadway*

    GET OUTTA THE WAY, you carbon-spewing shitlords! Bein’ a smolderin’ corpse is no excuse! I’ma call Al Gore about this!

  8. Yup, the whole “screw America for the illegal immigrants” angle must have been polling really badly for them.

    Meanwhile, our bunch of arseholes give council houses to terrorists.

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