Isn’t this a dreadful failure of tax reform?

Apple to pay $38bn Trump tax bill

The world’s largest individual tax payment ever. And I’m sure there will be those shouting about the failure here.

9 thoughts on “Isn’t this a dreadful failure of tax reform?”

  1. Ritchie should be cheering. Tax gap narrowing, tax paid where he wanted it and employees getting more. Plus lots of companies now paying higher wages, paying bonuses and more as a result of the tax cut. Go on, Richard, argue about tax incidence in the real world now you cunt.

  2. The Unused Testicle

    Candidly, this shows Trump’s collusion with big business.

    As any fule no, it should have been $12 trillion.

  3. The Unused Testicle

    “Help us deliver the independent journalism the world needs”
    Says the Graun.

    Except the front page references to Trump are:

    Backlash as President reveals “Fake News Award Winners”, ie Lefties pissed off at being called out.

    And “Confidence in US Presidency is at an all time low” ie we phoned round some mates and asked them if they are pissed off with Trump.

    They can’t bring themselves to highlight Apple/Trump.

  4. Why didn’t they repatriate it before? Then the Fed. Gubernmint wood’ha got more!

    Conniving basta*ds.

    Trump bribed them!

    Can’t shoot the CEO, ‘cos he’s gay. Maybe the next bloke on the list?

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    Yes, it is a failure. The more money you give the government, the more they will p!ss away on useless trash that will make the country worse.

    Apple had a moral obligation not to let anyone get any of it.

  6. someone tell me this pulls the rug out from under the EU’s feet

    I believe (happy to be corrected as IANAtaxL) that any taxes Apple pay in the EU are deductible against their final tax bill in the US. So the EU is actually raiding the US Treasury, rather than Apple’s.

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