Karl Marx was right, eh?

U.S. Job Market’s Strength Is Allowing More to Share in Pay Gains
Though wages are growing sluggishly over all, some of the strongest increases are in blue-collar and service industries as employers vie for help.

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Wages grow as the reserve army of the unemployed shrinks…..

9 thoughts on “Karl Marx was right, eh?”

  1. Well, Trump has reduced the numbers of Mexican illegals by more than half, without even building a wall.

  2. Mexican illegals and millions of other potential illegals know Trump aint fucking about.

    Its great with Trump…everyone knows what his pre election speeches were and how he won’t deviate unless forced to.

    Can anyone remember one thing Teresa May said pre election, its the same with Corbyn, just political correct wishy washy statements no-one could argue about.

    Whatever did that Lib dem bloke say??…I honestly can’t remember his name.

  3. Fox Business reported yesterday that, as well as the improving economy (in mere anticipation of the tax cut), another thing getting Americans off the suck is state-by-state reforms. Bill Clinton and Speaker Gingrich enacted a work requirement for welfare, set aside by Obama but now reasserted by some states. Trump cabinet members are granting states waivers to federal rules, per Trump’s Executive Order. Scott Walker in Wisconsin wants alms recipients to be drug-tested, Maine wants to end multiple members of the same family from using those “stigma-free” EBT cards, and Washington is studying incorporating such reforms. Recall that, in the Gingrich years, millions of welfare recipients were going to starve (All Other Things Being Equal). When we went to test this assertion, we could not find them–they had vanished back into the work force.

    Rickie, that’s right; even during a failure to enact policy, a lot of people change their behavior merely because they can see what the President is in favor of. Ronald Reagan was distracted and maybe senescent when Congress gifted him his signature 28% income-tax rate.

  4. @Spike, January 6, 2018 at 4:22 pm

    Fox Business reported yesterday that, as well as the improving economy (in mere anticipation of the tax cut)

    I believe a similar “Trump Effect” is happening in UK due to Brexit and – as in USA – despite MSM and politicians wailing “we’re doomed”.

  5. Martin – Congress passed it and Trump signed it. But first of all, Trump conceived it: drastic cuts in business tax rates, though he failed to achieve anything near the specific 15% tax rate he campaigned on.

    Trump and Congress both realized they were at a point where they had to pass something and it had to look big, after “repeal Obama-care” morphed into “repeal and replace” (?) and now “shore up Obama-care” with payments to industry!

    The overturning of big-ticket lame-duck Obama regulations is major; the curtailment of other regulations is sporadic; and the Executive Order to ditch 2 existing ones for every 1 new one is easily evaded. But business knows the tendency is for less regulation not more, and executives are emboldened to start taking risks again.

    Pcar – The wailing was clear, and I believe belied by every actual statistic that emerged. But there are several gaps to mind, including Parliament possibly thwarting the referendum, and possibly authoring economic sabotage nearly as good as that of Brussels.

  6. “Scott Walker in Wisconsin wants alms recipients to be drug-tested”

    One of his stupider policies. Colossal waste of money for no benefit. Small government should be about getting out of people’s lives.

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