Man has consensual sex, liberals outraged

Assume, just for a moment, these allegations are true:

In a newly published interview with Stephanie Clifford from 2011, the pornographic actor acknowledges an affair with Donald Trump – contradicting a denial produced by the president’s legal team last week.

It appears to be the “liberals” outraged about this. All those decades of campaigning for social liberality, celebration even of human sexuality – and getting the government out of our bedrooms – and consensual sex between consenting adults is an outrage.

You’ve got to rather think that one of the two stances isn’t entirely serious really.

8 thoughts on “Man has consensual sex, liberals outraged”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    The Republicans get a lot of votes from Christians. They used to care about moral issues. But the Democrats have weaponised those issues. They don’t give a damn about any of them themselves, but they make a big deal about them when they think they can drive away Republican voters. The party of Bill “a real pig” Clinton and Teddy “Killed a Girl and He Liked It!” Kennedy is hypocritical to the point no one cares.

    It still works in extreme cases as with Roy Moore. But will it work with Trump? I think that most voters know what Trump is like. He cheated on his first wife with the woman who became his second, and then on his second wife with the woman who became his third. Frankly if he wasn’t cheating I would be surprised. His voters have priced the cheating in.

    Still, it is a nice whiff of nostalgia when the Left was telling us that sex between consenting adults was a private thing that was not a public issue. Who knew that last year was so long ago?

  2. Anthony Weiner? Didn’t he stand for Mayor of New York backed by the entire Democratic Party after he had admitted sending photos of his, err, Weiner to teenage girls? Or did I imagine all that ?

  3. Even if true who but a fool is going to desert the last chance of the West because he had an opportunity for a shag and took it.

    The biggest Jesus Jumper would be a prime moron if he abstained and allowed Marxian evil and perversion to do far worse to America and the West than Trump has ever done.

    It is just another attack ploy from the Democrat scum.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Incidentally, somewhat on the topic – the Guardian has the usual grab bag of fruits and nuts talking about MeToo. I liked this one:

    And the point of telling stories like this is to say to other women, and men, it’s not you, it’s him. To say, check your ideas about consent. Consent is not the absence of rejection. It is not a tense silence. It is not passive. It should not be capable of being misread.

    Yes dear, it is always the man’s fault. We know, we know. But this refers to the Aziz Ansari incident. So it wasn’t a tense silence. It was not passive. She was blowing him. Personally I think that is not capable of being misread. Perhaps I am a little old fashioned for this modern world, but getting naked and giving oral sex when someone asks for it is not that likely to be misread.

    ut “yes”, in a context of mutual respect, might be a joyful wordlessness; “no” might come in the guise of “not now”, “maybe later”, or even “well, OK then”.

    Ummm, no dear. A “well, OK then” is what we call consent. It is not a no. A no is a no. A yes is a yes. If someone says yes when they mean no they are likely to be very misunderstood. But sexual assault it is not.

  5. You’ve got to hand it to him. Have you seen the form on it?


    The man’s a shitlord above all shitlords.

  6. Mark T

    Slightly wrong on the details but for a self-avowed lying cheating scumbag he got a surprising amount of support. The initial scandal, which led to his resignation, and through to his reemergence in the mayoral race, I believe he only admitted sending explicit images to adults in their twenties and above. There was controversy about his interaction online with a 17 year old, but naughty pics were denied. And though he was seen as a leading contender in the mayoral race before new allegations emerged, it’s a bit of an exaggeration to say he was backed by the whole Democratic party. The “sending pics to teenage girls” thing was part of the second wave of allegations that left him bottom in the mayoral nominations race and ultimately saw him off to prison.

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