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Yes, you’re quite right, CryptoKitties is entirely ludicrous, just absurd. CryptoKitties is also why economists insist that it really doesn’t matter if the robots come to steal all our jobs. No, this does not make economists absurd nor ludicrous, it’s just that they’re looking at the world with a slight list to their thoughts.

Yes, this quite possibly could mean a society in which absolutely everything is done by the machines except for the amassing of collectibles on blockchain. A CryptoKitty licking a human face, forever.

5 thoughts on “More elsewhere”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    CryptoKitties? Well that is one way to get more women into Tech I guess. Especially the unmarried, middle aged ….

  2. Right sorry to interrupt the fantasies of a work-free future but –to quote the late Heinz Wolff –“The future is further away than you think”.

    As we are still waiting for the jet pack and driverless cars are not going to be picking you up any time soon it is also the case there is a shitload of work to be done before the work-free but comfortable lifestyle arrives for ALL . Rather than just favoured clients of the state as now.

  3. Yes, but the Crypto Kitty could turn out to be a Terminator Tiger that rips your face off.

    Who amongst us is John Connor – perhaps that end terrace in Ely has the answer?

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