Nice opinion you have there

Mme Deneuve, whatever happened to female solidarity in France?

Not that I’ve actually bothered to read the whining of course. But the point being that if your views differ from those of the more strident of the sisterhood then you’re not showing solidarity, no?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Women are competing for a rare commodity – good men. You would have to be insane to expect solidarity.

    In fact probably the only people calling for it as those that know they will not, and cannot, win in any such open competition. Ms Deneuve is not one of those women. She is one who was competed for intensely and so has everything to gain from such a competition.

    I am willing to bet that Ms Willsher has not had that pleasure.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    In essence, it comes down to the question of whether women should be, or want to be, regarded as sex objects. French women including Deneuve, some of whom say they are feminists, view being desired as a sexual object as an intrinsic part of being female, as well as part-and-parcel of sexual freedom and the intricate pattern of human relationships. It’s part of what’s famously known as the “French cultural exception”.

    No, it is part of what’s known as being alive. No woman can be happy unless somewhere, someone, no matter how deluded, regards them as sexually desirable. No man either come to think of it. Because we are a species that reproduces sexually and failure to do so – failure to be able to do so – is the ultimate failure. It is an utter failure that is felt deep in the bone.

    The anti-#MeToo letter is one of them, with its defence of men’s right to “importune”, grope or rub themselves against women, and the suggestion that most women can’t distinguish between a clumsy pass and persistent harassment.

    The defence of frottage is a little unusual but of course most women can’t distinguish between a clumsy pass and persistent harassment. That is why David Lee Travis was convicted.

    These women insist they are more than their bodies, but their self-worth is inextricable from their heterosexual sexual relationships, the business of attracting a man and keeping him while trying to keep other women off him – but not necessarily keeping him off other women.

    Obviously. People do not admire Amal Clooney or Megan WhateverTheRoyalSlutisCalled because of their fine minds. Their worth to other women is entirely because they attracted a good man and so far seem to be doing fairly well in keeping other women off. However just as men admire men who sleep with lots of women, women admire women who capture men who can sleep with lots of other women. Basic evolutionary biology.

  3. French women are notorious for stealing each other’s husbands and also for not trusting their own. That is why they spend their time looking like they are literally sucking a lemon. Solidarity is not their thing.

  4. Reading some of the articles that have appeared in The Grauniad on this in the past few days, it seems to me that the only thing that will placate them would be for all men to become euneuchs…

  5. Yeah “me too” and about 2 dozen of my colleauges

    who have been subjected to sexual harrassment by a Portuguese lovely thing who flirts outrageously, dresses provactively and happens to touch men as part of comunication.

    This has lead to some the blokes getting traumatised but not yet led to fist fights when she does her thing with somebody that aint them.

    She has been the cause of 3 men cancelling Facebook accounts cos of nosey wives who have seen bikini shots taken on the algarve on her facebook page.

    Female solidarity my arse….women don’t trust each other and for good reason.

  6. There’s a theory I’ve been advancing for some time. Garnered from bitter personal experience. Women, all women, are mildly autistic. In the sense that they have problems modelling other people’s points of view. Seeing the world through other people’s eyes. To all women, they sit at the centre of their own personal universe & see only from their own perspective.
    It explains so much. The arguments you have with them, feels like you’re battering your head against concrete. Why women are so rarely good team players. Why, if there’s a workplace feud, it’s inevitably between two women.
    The idea there’s a “sisterhood” is nonsense. Every women is only pitching for herself.

  7. Solidarity means following the party line. The Guardian has announced how you will behave. Miss Catherine has said something different. Sexuality is just the current venue. I.e., her sin is greater than rebelling against the metoo shit, she is rebelling against the Left.

  8. @BiS: I’ve always said that women live in a small bubble. Anyone within that bubble (kids mainly, perhaps close family) they will move heaven and earth to defend. Anyone outside it can be raped and murdered by the marauding hordes, and a women won’t care a jot as long as she’s OK.

    Whats your theory as to why men are different? Is it the prehistoric hunter co-operation thing? How have men developed an ability to see things from the other perspective when women haven’t?

  9. @SMFS

    Obviously. People do not admire Amal Clooney or Megan WhateverTheRoyalSlutisCalled because of their fine minds.

    I don’t admire Amal Clooney. Shagging her would be like shagging a stick insect. Plus she’s full-on Leftist legal Royalty. Fore-play would be a lecture on the plight of Venezualen peasants. I prefer women who look like women rather than skinny underfood schoolboys.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    Bloke in Japan – “I prefer women who look like women rather than skinny underfood schoolboys.”

    Are you in the wrong country then

  11. Jim,
    it’s definitely the hunter gatherer thing. Men have wide-ranging gangs of ‘mates’ with whom they co-operate to achieve an end goal, be it work or killing the proverbial wooly mammoth. Women have small covens that operate on a total commitment/trust, one in one out basis. Men also operate alpha male style hierarchies, if you are the guy the team relies on to throw the vital spear to kill said mammoth, you get more mammoth meat. The spoils are then given to the wives to divide equally among family members. Alpha male is cool with that.

    Problem is that feminization of politics means that the wimmin/manginas want to distribute the mammoth meat equally before it gets to the family unit and do away with the alpha male. Beta males and most wimmin think this is a good idea. Alpha male clearly doesn’t and the history of communes and communism highlights exactly why the wimmin view of economics doesn’t work.

    In the background, most wimmin recognise that communes are not sustainable and realize that the best chance of survival for their brood is an alpha male even if they look like Weinstein. Hence they are total be-atches to one another to secure one.

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