Not an approach that will work

Other women have accused Seagal of sexual misconduct. Jenny McCarthy said the action star sexually harassed her during a 1995 audition, while Portia de Rossi accused Seagal of unzipping his pants during an audition.

Miss de Rossi having other interests so we hear.

12 thoughts on “Not an approach that will work”

  1. You have to feel sorry for the poor cunts who yet haven’t yet met girls, cos they won’t have a clue what the difference between sexual harassment and flirting and chatting up girls is, plus they will be even more confused when they see male pop stars being torn apart by mobs of young girls trying to sexually harass them.

    Obviously paying for the services of women removes all these problems.

    As usual you get what you pay for

  2. @Rickie

    So what you are saying is that employing a professional for personal services is not paying for sex but really insurance against being accused of rape, sexual harassment and generally being a bastard and not a gentleman.

    If only you could write an opinion piece to this effect in the Guardian.

  3. More “MeToo” attention-seeking shenanigans.

    There will of course be the usual lack of any hard evidence or corroboration. But a woman no one ever heard of will receive publicity and attention that it would take millions to obtain otherwise.

    Perhaps a public birching as punishment for female false accusers. That will gain them the attention they crave and they can play the victim card again also.

  4. US Amazon already carries signed photos of a “Jenny McCarthy–a gorgeous young wet-t shirt (model?)” for sale at only $65 dollars US.

    How about a loan until payday Witchie?.

    Oh it seems she has also already been involved in a nudie photo phone hack.

    Perhaps there are young women for whom the 21st Century is just too dangerous.

  5. @Salamander, it unfortunately dosen’t remove the threat of blackmail, nor using women as sex slaves.

    Men can’t win…they are bastards and thats that….but at least paying for women helps.

  6. Rickie,

    But they don’t care about this stuff.

    Kids today aren’t watching the BBC or reading The Guardian. They’re watching YouTube and chatting on various social media, but not Facebook because that’s for old people.

    Zoella has 12m subscribers to her YouTube channel and gets 1m views on her videos (which are mostly patriarchy supporting make up tips). Red Letter Media, the sort of movie reviewers that called out the bullshit about Ghostbusters get more views than any BBC film videos. Joe Rogan has one of the biggest podcasts on the planet.

    And the thing is, most of them aren’t engaged with the MSM. Jordan B Peterson did it, but lots of them see no advantage to appearing on TV. Zoella’s crowd aren’t watching TV.

    It’s like women cheering in the end of Miss World and Benny Hill, when those were the result of getting porn on VCR.

  7. The #metoo shtick has made women careless. Mr Seagal needs to lawyer up and sue the crap out of these people. There is NFW they can prove their allogations; they will be naked in court.

  8. @Salamander
    As the old saying goes, you don’t pay a prostitute to go with you, you’re paying them to go away afterwards.

  9. @anon, its not me suggesting the Guardian …I don’t read it either, I prefer luisto comiunica 12M subs on You Tube as a matter of fact.

    The reason why I watch him…is cos its the truth, when he shows whats its like in Veneuela and other places around the world…its real.

    BBC , Guardian just too much political bias and shite….You tube vlogging is where the truth is at the moment.

    Kids are engaged in reality.

  10. I got banned from a blog for pointing out kids don’t want beer as the reasons for pubs shutting.

    This blogger spends years on about CAMRA and cask ale and fuck knows what else.

    Smoking ban hasn’t shut pubs either……….thats another comment that gets you banned from pro smoking blogs.

    Kids don’t give a fuck about cuddling a real ale all night, the only time you see kids and I really mean teenagers in pubs/restuarants is when they have been dragged in.

    Reading Newspapers is for old shits like us who want our political bias reinforced…kids don’t want that either.

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