Not much here today

Instead, the confluence of interesting stories and the calendar has led to pieces for The Times, CapX, Computer Weekly and Washington Examiner as today’s scribbling. You know, financially productive scribbling.

17 thoughts on “Not much here today”

  1. Do you still write for The Register at all Tim? I always enjoyed the fact that they had a dodgy rare metals correspondent….

  2. It would be more financially productive for you if you have us links as Jason Lynch requests.

    Surely these sites are counting your page views.

  3. You’ve reminded me I haven’t wandered over to Vulture Central since Christmas. May have a toddle over there…

  4. For a smart economist, you are a dumb businessman. You have a forum here and you write for other outlets but you don’t post links on this one site that you control. And you’re smart enough to know that the more views you get on those sites, the more you will make and the more likely you will be invited back there and other places. Total disconnect between theory and practice.

  5. Wheelz, now call me crazy, but what are the chances that the pieces have been written today but not published yet?

    And if those chances are greater than say … er …”vanishingly small”, then shouldn’t you have considered them before writing your condescending bollocks?

  6. Yes, links please! Sometimes the Washington Examiner headline suggests someone wants someone else to please just measure the right thing, and I click on it and, aw, it’s Tim! But the headline rarely includes the author, opinion pieces are mixed with reporting, and nothing lasts on the main page for long. Found Tim’s portfolio here, nothing new yet this week:

    Regarding one of the latest pieces, he’s right, the “trade deficit” doesn’t matter. I also like how Sowell puts it: I run a huge “trade deficit” with the supermarket, as I buy a lot and don’t sell them anything. But it all works out–as it must.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Wheelz – “For a smart economist, you are a dumb businessman.”

    Let me guess – you’re a millennial? I have no opinion about TW’s business skills but even I can notice the obvious – Someone is educating and informing you. For free. Even giving you a place where you can comment on the same. Sometimes giving you tips on where you can go to learn some more.

    Actually when I put it like that, it does sound a little dumb. Matthew 7:6.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    I was going to suggest something on Volkswaggon paying German scientists to gas volunteers, but that seemed a little too cheap.

    So imagine my delight now CNN has taken a break from its 24/7 Trump Freak-a-thon to express outrage that someone asked a Nigerian if Nigeria has any book stores. Given Macron seems to have gotten away with his “civilisation” comment, can we ask our resident French *and* Nigerian expert TimN to comment? How did Macron get away with it (apart, you know, from being really ridiculously good looking or whatever)?

  9. Given Macron seems to have gotten away with his “civilisation” comment, can we ask our resident French *and* Nigerian expert TimN to comment?


    I’ll add that Nigerians are the most ludicrously thin-skinned people on the planet. They think their country is wonderful (it isn’t) and everyone should know all about it (but not report truthfully on it, all should buy into their BS), and any perceived slight is met with fury amid accusations of colonialism and racism. This case was no different.

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