Quelle surprise

Nutella riots show that even the French can go nuts over a bargain

Well, yes. It’s one of the core observations of economics. Human beings like to get more for less.

From which we can derive two fairly important results.

1) Economic systems which do not have this observation as a core part of the structure aren’t going to work very well. Trying to insist that people will get less for more won’t work. We should pay farmers more for food because farmers doesn’t, for example. Quadruple (an actual demand being made) the wages in those garment sheds in Bangladesh and everyone will be happy to pay the resultant price increase in Zara doesn’t.

2) Economic systems which do cater to this human desire seem to work rather well. One thing we can absolutely say about this capitalism/free market mix is that it makes things cheap. It caters to this handing over less to gain more.

Well done.

Yes, this applies even to the French, concerns about their relationship with homo sapiens sapiens notwithstanding.

5 thoughts on “Quelle surprise”

  1. It could be argued that a not dissimilar activity is going on within the Progressive Left. In order to signal their virtue they are fighting one another to come up with more and more unimportant and obscure issues to beat the ‘Right’ with. A Trigger riot if you will.

  2. One wonders why someone is arguing for a quadrupling of sweat shop pay rates – those working in the sweat shop would be the equivalent of fat cats, the peasants outside standing in a paddy field earning virtually nothing. I thought inequality was the source of all economic evils these days, how exactly does this idea square with that?

    Or is the real desire to see the sweat shop close, all the brown little peasants having to live in total equality cheek by jowl in their cute mud huts on rice and nothing else, while some fat westerner gets a unionised job making T shirts in a factory in the West?

  3. ‘Yes, this applies even to the French…’

    Alas not.

    New law being introduced in France to limit discounts on food because… the increased value this brings does not go into the pockets of the farmers. No, I don’t understand what that means either.

    The French Minister for Agriculture has stated that French consumers should be prepared to pay a little bit more for food to help French farmers.

    Market economics do not apply in France.

    “Les prix de l’alimentation ne peuvent pas continuer d’être abusivement bas.” (The prices of food cannot continue to be unsuitable(improperly low.)

    En savoir plus sur https://www.lesechos.fr/industrie-services/conso-distribution/0301049816668-alimentation-le-gouvernement-va-encadrer-les-promotions-2140122.php#Vb1MijRMfZ8klvMd.99

  4. In another place, I’m accused of being materialistic because I *don’t* care that the super rich are super richer than me, that working in a sweatshop instead of being up to my knees in buffalo poo is satisfactory enough for me. Comments were then turned off so I couldn’t respond.

  5. Or is the real desire to see the sweat shop close…

    ‘Zactly. Also preserves the “cheap exotic holiday” for Jocasta and Cameron in their gap year. They can gawp at the peasants and hear the fields crackle with laughter.

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