EXCLUSIVE: The German Shepherd had been patrolling the site in Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire where she is believed to have come across a pile of aniseed balls, which are poisonous dogs.

Aniseed balls are dogs now? Or “to”?

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  1. Jeeze, that was a cruel link, TimW. You might have linked to the story not the front page. Having to scroll through 9 yards of what the Mail regards as news is a bit testing for a Sunday morning. “Newlywed bride able to achieve multiple orgasms after injections to her G-spot & clitoris” isn’t easy to pass by unscathed.
    But it never ceases to amaze me what people believe poisons dogs. Chocolate’s a favourite.Maybe someone should have told my dogs, who queued for their after dinner portions of high cocoa dark chocolate for a dozen years. Oldest died at fourteen.
    Aniseed balls are sugar with a tiny bit of flavouring. Nowadays, probably not even aniseed but some sort of artificial substitute. Less poisonous than jelly babies, which get stuck in the teeth result in a green & purple smile.
    Dogs are dogs. You can put almost anything down a dog. A dog will put almost anything down a dog & come back for more.

  2. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    What about Black Jacks ? Are they poisonous too ?

    I suspect that the odd shot of ouzo is not condusive to a pooch’s health.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    bloke in spain – “Jeeze, that was a cruel link, … Having to scroll through 9 yards of what the Mail regards as news is a bit testing for a Sunday morning. … You can put almost anything down a dog. A dog will put almost anything down a dog & come back for more.”

    You referring to this article by any chance:


    Even whipped cream it seems. The Mail really knows how to press the buttons of its readers. In my experience, especially when neighbours fall out, paranoia about poisoning runs deep and strong. If anyone’s dog even coughs a little people assume the worst.

    Still I have always admired dogs for their ability to eat anything and hardly ever get sick. Especially decomposing things. I doubt it would be ideal for humans but you can’t help think we have missed an evolutionary trick there.

  4. The link shows them women with scars and how they deal with it.

    The bird in the middle with stripped tee-shirt dosen’t have to worry about the scar but the frigging ugly tattoo she self harmed herself with.

    Aniseed balls….the buggers did well actually buying them, 1976 was the last time I had one.

  5. You’re not exactly a Man of Steel are you, Rickie? Gave up without touching the scroll tab. The more intrepid amongst us had to survive “Lewis Hamilton ‘branded his glamour model ex a fat Oompa Loompa and scolded her for using the wrong TOILET” (Exclamation mark unaccountably omitted, for some Mailish reason. )

  6. @dearieme: … from the end of the 1970s onwards, I think. I recall a single panel cartoon in the Radio Times with the caption “I’m an Alsatian; it’s only my shepherd who’s German”.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – “When did they stop being Alsatians?”

    Didn’t they get called Alsatians because of the anti-German hysteria during WW1? When it was no longer acceptable to call them German?

    In which case, it was probably a condition of entry to the EU.

  8. Aniseed is poisonous to dogs? First I’ve of that. I thought it was the equivalent of catnip for dogs. That’s if I remember my Wodehouse aright (Episode of the Dog McIntosh).

  9. @BiS, its amazing what people believe without researching.

    Chocolate is harmful to dogs but portion size, type of chocolate, dog breed are all factors. A small portion for a tiny dog is harmful. Same for an Alsation is harmless if given occasionally.

    Aniseed is like catnip to dogs. But again quantity is a factor. Sprinkled is good. A number of balls can be bad as it affects the dogs nervous system. Just like Canabis for humans.

  10. Bloke in Costa Rica

    Of course the real issue here is why we tolerate these fascistic neo-Luddites trying to make us all poorer and more dependent on Russia instead of going a bit Einsatzgruppe on them.

  11. “Aniseed is like catnip to dogs.”
    Is it? I’ve never noted dogs being particularly attracted to aniseed. But, then, it used to be put on fishing lures to attract fish. May still be, for all I know. Never noticed that working, either.
    Is catnip attractive to cats? Cat toys scented with catnip are. But cats like cat toys. And small birds & mammals, for that matter.
    Dogs are certainly attracted to week old donner kebabs. And lamp posts. And the crotches of female visitors, at times.

  12. @bloke in spain.

    The reason they make the online edition look like a nauseating mess is so you go and buy the paper version.

    I gave up looking for the daft dog story and searched for where can buy aniseed balls instead.

    I suspect Tim found the story by accident whilst doing a deep search for a tranny story.

  13. Don’t they use aniseed for drag hunts? Oops, saying “drag hunts” on this blog may be asking for trouble.

  14. @bloke in spain, January 14, 2018 at 11:35 am

    Dogs are dogs. You can put almost anything down a dog. A dog will put almost anything down a dog & come back for more.

    Very true, especially black labs. I’ve seen tights, grass, plastic, straw, metal, hay and more excreted by them. A Malinois even ate two 1/2 grapefruit skins – with yuk movements – so the Lab couldn’t eat one he didn’t want. They’re mobile four legged waste recyclers.

  15. “Is catnip attractive to cats? Cat toys scented with catnip are.”

    Yes, although not all cats are susceptible, which I think is a genetic thing. We actually have a tub of catnip that we use mostly to refresh cat toys (put them in overnight and the cats love them again when they come out) and also just directly sprinkle on larger toys (scratching post, cat tree). But if you put a tiny bit on the floor our older cat will be rolling round like a nutter and drooling all over the place. It’s definitely the catnip not the toy she cares about. Our younger cat is susceptible too but to a different degree – he’ll have a bit of a roll around if it’s on the floor but gets far more excited with it on toys that he can chomp down on.

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