So now we introduce Pavel Morozov into British life

Children are being used to spot speeding motorists and go on night-time patrols.

The ‘Mini Police’ project for those aged nine to 11 was started by Durham Constabulary and is now being taken up across the country. It gives uniforms to pupils in ‘economically deprived areas’ and invites them to special events.

The idea, according to official documents, is that ‘vulnerable children’ will be given a ‘positive experience of policing’ and ‘get involved in the local community’.

But they can also ‘support subtle educational interventions to tackle Serious Organised Crime’ and ‘gun and gang crime’.

Units of the Mini Police often go out on ‘community speed watch’ duty, monitoring passing motorists on busy roads.

15 thoughts on “So now we introduce Pavel Morozov into British life”

  1. Nothing wrong with this, in theory, assuming it involves actual British kids. Better some kid wagging a finger at a motorist than a jumped up stasi member giving them a ticket.

    At some point, warm bodies are going to be required to make Britain British again, and if the Durham Youth are prepared to follow those orders, more power to em.

  2. Interesting how the Daily Mail have framed the story – or rather haven’t. They’ve left the question of whether this is good or bad decidedly open, for readers to project their pro- or anti-police stances.

  3. Fire without compo etc every copper involved in it. Esp whoever thought of it.

    Thin end of nasty wedge. “Junior Spies” was what Orwell called them I think.

    The only good thing about Durham is that the Anti-Sex League doesn’t have a hope in Hell of establishing a branch there

  4. I’m presuming that all the open murder cases and other significant crimes in Durham have been solved, given that the police seem to have nothing but time on their hands?

    Forward the Young Pioneers!

  5. I find the V-word, vulnerable, to be a reliable, nay infallible indicator of BS. It is like the sound of wool being drawn over the eyes.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Next, the “mini-police” will be encouraged to report ‘hate crime’….etc.”

    Closely followed by snitching on their parents.

  7. @Ecks… Have you been to Durham Cathedral? Countryside in Weardale and elsewhere in County Durham is glorious too. At least that’s how I remember it from when I was a kid.

    But yes, Durham police can fuck off.

  8. Well overdue! The objectives of the Komsomol (Russian youth organisation) included: Teach youth the values of Communism; prepare them for life under the rule of the Communist Party, rebuild Post-War Soviet Russia with the help of indoctrinated Proletariat class; extend CPSU control into family lives; create a subservient working class, expose any deviationists and bourgeoisie culture. All worthy aims which could usefully be imitated in the North Atlantic countries.

  9. BiT–The past glories of Durham and its surroundings are indeed magnificent.

    But socialism has branded the populace on the arse as it does everywhere that creed lurks and festers in human consciousness.

    However hope and decency still abide. They voted for Leave God bless ’em. The left might yet be put down. After all it is only the bogus compassion and sanctimony of socialism that gets them any traction or support anywhere anyway. Once that can be seen thro’ they are nothing.

  10. Perhaps this is intended to distract attention from the embarrassing story of one of the Durham force’s more vibrant police sergeants who is about to go to trial on four counts of child rape.

  11. “‘ Ah, well — what I mean to say, shows the right spirit, doesn’t it? Mischievous little beggars they are, both of them, but talk about keenness! All they think about is the Spies, and the war, of course. D’you know what that little girl of mine did last Saturday, when her troop was on a hike out Berkhamsted way? She got two other girls to go with her, slipped off from the hike, and spent the whole afternoon following a strange man. They kept on his tail for two hours, right through the woods, and then, when they got into Amersham, handed him over to the patrols.’

    ‘What did they do that for?’ said Winston, somewhat taken aback. Parsons went on triumphantly:

    ‘My kid made sure he was some kind of enemy agent — might have been dropped by parachute, for instance. But here’s the point, old boy. What do you think put her on to him in the first place? She spotted he was wearing a funny kind of shoes — said she’d never seen anyone wearing shoes like that before. So the chances were he was a foreigner. Pretty smart for a nipper of seven, eh?’ “

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