Such an economic success

Silva is now focused on getting her chocolate to France, where she once sold a single kilo of her chocolate for the equivalent of 80 euros (US$96), which is today the equivalent of five years of minimum wage salary in Venezuela.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Socialism at work!

    Whatever happened to those nice people who used to buy Sandanista coffee from Nicaragua? Surely they could help.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Tim Newman – “But we mustn’t call it a shithole…”

    It is Differently Wealthy. It is Human Warmth Rich. It is Emotionally Enhanced.

    It is, in a phrase, Equal. And that is what counts.

    Personally I am wondering when is the best time to go cruising for a trophy wife. Have they reached rock bottom when I could pick up a potential Super Model capable of winning the Miss World competition or are they still heading downwards and I should hold off for a while? You know, it is a tough call.

  3. What is amazing that a doctor in Venezuela earns less than a maid in Colombia. Apart from North and South Korea are there any other two neighbouring countries with such discrepancy in wealth?

  4. Yes, anon. But it’s taken half a century for the Korean’s to achieve that divergence. Chavez managed it in a mere decade, handicapped by a much wealthier starting point & Maduro has built on his success.

  5. @So Much For Subtlety. good call for a trophy wife.

    Latina women…lovely creatures, they love it when you speak spanish.

  6. ‘Critics say it was further weakened by state takeovers under late President Hugo Chavez, who boosted state involvement in the economy as part of promises to create a society of equals.’

    Chavez was wildly successful.

  7. “for the equivalent of 80 euros (US$96)”

    WTF does that mean?

    Was it straight cash, or a couple of hundredweight of potatoes and a family pack of bog-roll?

  8. There is something is going on in Venezuela that isn’t accounted for.

    ‘As a result, most of her bars are sold locally for less than one U.S. dollar – well out of reach of millions of Venezuelans who earn less than that in a week’

    Meaning that Venezuela is no longer a money economy. Somehow these millions are getting food – at least enough to keep them alive. If it isn’t a money economy, how much someone makes in a week is irrelevant.

    ‘Her bars are sold in high-end Caracas grocery stores, delis and liquor stores, where everything from staple products to luxury goods are amply available to the well-heeled’

    Oh, some are more equal than others.

  9. Yes, Pcar. Bits seem to have made a bit of a habit of messing with the Spaniard. What with the Armada & Trafalgar, we then managed to have ourselves a second Peninsular War because we enjoyed the first so much. And as I enjoy reminding my hosts, the Spanish military have only managed a couple of European wars in the past two centuries. Both were against themselves & both times they lost.

  10. So Much For Subtlety

    bloke in spain – “Incidentally, we should be proud to note that the existence of Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Equador & Peru is owed to the British Legions”

    Even stranger, while British soldiers were fighting Spain in Latin America, British soldiers were fighting for the Spanish Crown in Spain itself. Another British Legion was formed to support the Spanish government during the First Carlist War.

    I might be remembering wrong, but I think Edmund Costello, who wrote a very good account of fighting the French in Spain, kicked around after demob, couldn’t get a job, missed being a soldier, so signed up to fight in Spain again.

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