But let’s stand back for a moment. The EU says Apple owes €13 billion or so additional tax in Ireland. And in the UK HMRC manage to claim £137 million. A bit over a percent or so.

Who says HMRC does not work for the 1%?

How about they’re different tax issues?

7 thoughts on “Tee Hee”

  1. Clearly the solution is for HMRC to assess additional tax on Apple of at least 13bn, but probably much more given the relative populations of the UK and Ireland so say 15 x 13bn which is about a nice round 200bn.

  2. So Murphy knows that £137million just isn’t enough, as a fact.
    Would it be impertinent to ask him how he knows this, as a fact? Does he have access to commercially sensitive documents? If so, from where we’re they obtained? Or is he a huge bullshitter?

  3. The Unused Testicle

    Hmm, this rather exposes the Fat Fool for what he is.

    It is a Murphy wet dream to act like the EU Commissioners, who, retrospectively and arbitrarily, rewrite an independent country’s tax law solely to punish a company they don’t like. Rather than have Her Majesty assent to a law, which Her Commissioners enforce.

    Which, of course, is why London is home to many international companies and the centre of world finance and Paris and Frankfurt are shitholes..

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