This defence is available to men, right?

A mother who viciously beat her new wife has escaped jail after telling the court she has a condition which leaves sufferers with high levels of male hormones.

Louanne Budgen attacked her partner Hayley in an alcohol-fuelled rage because she left a Christmas Eve family gathering early to put their three children to bed.

Three hours later Budgen returned to their home in Radcliffe, near Bury in Greater Manchester and dragged Hayley out of bed by her hair before repeatedly punching her in the head.

But Budgen walked free after claiming she suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and is prone to violent outbursts because of abuse she witnessed as a child.

No, not the ovaries bit, the high levels of testosterone?

15 thoughts on “This defence is available to men, right?”

  1. My wife has that, had it all her life. She isn’t violent and takes a lot more to get her worked up to hit than it does me or most men.
    She has a lot of testosterone – handy for muscles – and she has the usual human self control. As a male I’m far more likely to lash out than she is, also having more testosterone than her, again use self control.

    What she isn’t is a mean drunk. Have come across violent women without PCOS (as its often referred to) who are violent because they lack control.

    She is using this as an excuse. Its not a good excuse, PCOS sufferers are not more prone to being arrested for fighting than anyone else.

  2. I prefer Louanne with longer hair.

    I put it down it down to the usual family thing around xmas, I often want to beat the shit out of the sisters husband when he gets pissed on mothers Harveys bristol cream every boxing day.

    Annoying black haired twat.

  3. “In a statement she asked for her partner to be subject to a restraining order and told officers: ‘This incident has made me realise that the relationship is over. I cannot be with someone who is violent.

    ‘I’m very upset and heartbroken that someone who I was genuinely in love with could do this to me and had harmed me in such a way.’

    Despite Hayley’s initial statement to police, the couple have since reconciled.”

    The police must wonder why they bother…

  4. JuliaM said:
    “How do defence lawyers sleep at night?”

    I don’t really blame them; they’re helping their client, which is their role in the system.

    The ones I would get all Ecksian on over this are the judges.

  5. “How do defence lawyers sleep at night?”

    The defence lawyer is simply doing her job. The finger should be pointed at “District judge Samuel Goozee” – who sounds like a quota-filler…

  6. @JuliaM

    Another example of some people – usually females – choosing/liking violent partners.

    Seems a bit like how cats infect rodents/women.

  7. Same old same old.

    Man beats woman. Feminists unite as one to condemn him and any judge who administers less than 1,000 years’ jail sentence and demands social services intervenes if there’s a hint of reconciliation. And reads her name out in parliament and goes on BBC radio to highlight the problem.

    Woman beats man. Feminists go ‘what drove her to it?’.

    Woman beats woman. Feminists go ‘meh’.

  8. Yet another example of female privilege; adds to that Oxford student who stabbed her boyfriend but was young and pretty so got off with a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket.

    Why do feminists not complain about the underrepresentation of women in our prison system?

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