This really isn’t a problem

Retired peers will now be allowed the privilege of returning to parliament to eat in the Lords’ exclusive restaurant.

We’ve only just started having the concept of retired peers. Before this they were there for life – meaning they could go eat in the restaurants and claim £300 in expenses for doing so.

Sigh, so much fuckwittery out there, so much fuckwittery.

So, to a question I don’t know much about. Things like Oxbridge colleges. Do they make a distinction between “being employed” as in being paid and “enjoying dining rights”?

11 thoughts on “This really isn’t a problem”

  1. It isn’t fuckwittery Tim.

    It is the evil malice of the left.

    The trash who smear the pages of the Gladrag with their deceitful ordure are not stupid Tim. They know well what evil they are trying to bring about with their lies.

    The left–and most esp the middle-class left who are the worst of all–must be smashed flat enough to slide under a door. If there is to be any decent future for the human race.

  2. When my grandmother retired from teaching she was able to continue using the Town Hall restaurant (before it was opened to the public), and take a guest, often me. There’s no difference here.

  3. Retirees at my workplace aren’t allowed back to sit in the canteen; but I can’t imagine them wanting to either.

  4. Its cleared up any confusion for the peers..good job too!.

    My company used to welcome the retired with a smile when they came into see their old mates, now they get chased off the site by PPE wearing health and saftey officers foaming at the mouth.

  5. With my Cambridge college, as a senior member (i.e. graduated more than 10 terms ago and taken the auto M.A.) I can go eat a couple of times a term; not that I ever have taken up the perk.

  6. “This really isn’t a problem”

    Depends whether the retired peers can then use that privilege to lean on and influence active ones.

  7. ‘Do they make a distinction between “being employed” as in being paid and “enjoying dining rights”?’ In my experience, yes.

    Depending on the college they may have to pay for the meals taken. They may have to pay for any drinkies taken before or after the meal, and perhaps also for drink taken with the meal.

    Maybe a ginormously rich college (meaning Trinity, Cambridge) pays people to turn up and scoff in company. Given my experience of Trinity food I’d certainly expect to be paid. Though I would exempt their cheese and oatcakes from that remark.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    We weren’t allowed to use the Mess once we left the Army. There were honorary memberships for civilians but these are limited and not restricted to retired personnel.

    I used the past tense because it’s nearly 30 years since I left so things may have changed, but I doubt it.

  9. When (most of) the hereditary peers were evicted, it was suggested that they retain dining rights. The bastard modernisers refused to allow it.

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