This was the lady who was outraged at being asked about her plans for children, was it?

New Zealand’s leader Jacinda Ardern has announced she will be “prime minister and mum”, revealing she is pregnant with her first child and learnt the news just days before she became prime minister-elect following her surprising election result last year.


11 thoughts on “This was the lady who was outraged at being asked about her plans for children, was it?”

  1. Years ago, I appointed a young woman to an important post in the company I was working for. Within 10 weeks, she announced she was pregnant. I never again appointed any woman of child-bearing age to an important position.

  2. “Well, maybe she thinks being PM of New Zealand is a part-time job with flexible working hours”

    Imagine a world where the all the politicians are part time, and their other job has the ability to use all the hours of their day, what not to like?

  3. bloke formerly in Apia

    To be fair, she never expressed any outrage about being questioned on family matters. Her supporters, on the other hand…

  4. @ TJ
    In the Victorian era, all MPs were unpaid and they had to resign and stand in a by-election if they got a paid ministerial post. The UK’s GDP/head and standard of living grew faster than it ever has since (excluding bounce-backs after wars). So, you have certainly got a point.
    However the current job spec is full-time with complaints from the media if the PM is on holiday when anything, even something trivial, occurs.

  5. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    Dunno. It’s pretty obvious that our 100 year experiment in female suffrage has been a disaster for liberty, society, and the future prospects of Western Civilisation.

    Otoh, if we’re going to have women political leaders, it’s probably better on balance that they have kids. Because as Taleb says, skin in the game.

    Sprogging up isn’t a gold standard by any means – Hillary grudgingly squeezed out one to make her and her sex pervert husband look normal – but compared with the apres moi, les violeurs mentality of Merkel and May, perhaps a mother might be less willing to allow her children’s birthright to be stolen by foreigners.

  6. Bloke in Lower Hutt

    To be honest, the more obsessed she is with making the celebrity gossip pages, the longer it’ll take her to fuck up the country so this is good news in my opinion.

    To be unkind, I don’t think Apia bloke saw the interview she did with Mark Richardson with the sound on.

  7. I am with you there BiLH.
    Don’t worry about us Cindy, put a hundred into bringing up that child. You can leave us alone, we will be alright.

  8. I’m just hoping that Taxinda decides to extend maternity leave for longer; that said Prime Minister Winston Peters is kind of the stuff of nightmares.

  9. Bloke formerly in Apia

    B in LH
    Never saw the Richardson interview, with or without sound. Certainly possible that Saint Jacinda has complained about attention to family matters, and I am unaware of it. My view was that there would be enough luvvie outrage she could afford to sit back and not enter the fray herself.

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