Watch the rickets rate soar

Sunshine is in short supply across a swathe of north-west Europe, shrouded in heavy cloud from a seemingly never-ending series of low pressure systems since late November and suffering one of its darkest winters since records began.

If you live in Brussels, 10 hours and 31 minutes was your lot for the entire month of December. The all but benighted inhabitants of Lille in France got just two hours, 42 minutes through the first half of January.

There is a good reason why Northern Europeans tend to have paler skin. Possibly even reasons and this is one of them. We need sunlight to produce Vitamin D. Less sunshine means we need to make better use of what we get – paler skins in climes with less sunshine.

We’ve had a recent influx of those with darker skins – plus, among some of those at least, an inclination for one of the sexes not to show bare skin while outside.

No, this is not to then insist that darkies must stay where darkies thrive. Well, OK, anyone can say anything they like but no, not me. However, there are interesting implications of this.

For example, we have been told of a recent rise in the incidence of rickets in the UK. This is then attributed to austerity. That’s certainly possible. Not that we’ve had any austerity but still. The progressive impoverishment to the point of destitution of the populace could indeed produce an increase in the rate of rickets. But then so could an influx of people richer in melanin to our northern climes – especially if people aren’t changing their behaviour about body swathing to take account of this solar deficiency.

My point being well, that rise in rickets incidence. Is it due to poverty or migration? Rather an important question as no, we don’t want the kiddies to suffer rickets so we need to know the answer so that we can prevent that. If it’s poverty then perhaps we really do have to overthrow neoliberal globalisation in order to cure it. If it’s migration then perhaps all we need to do is tell people to take a 10 minute walk outside without a head covering on those rare occasions the Sun does shine?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I think that ten minutes is a little optimistic. Nor is rickets the only problem. Canada, for instance, has seen a spike in the rates of schizophrenia. It is possible that it is linked to recent changes in immigration policy. There seems to be a link between schizophrenia and sunshine – parts of Australia with lots of sunshine like Queensland has less than cooler parts like Tasmania.

    In fact a whole range of mental illnesses are linked to a lack of Vitamin D. Which means our more Vibrant compadres are going to have problems. In fact it means that the future population of Britain will have problems. Presumably the UK will become a much more violent place.

  2. I don’t know about schizophrenia, but SAD seems pretty real to me, and that’s one of the reasons I live in the tropics. Plenty of sunshine today and I’m as happy as a budgie with two mirrors.

  3. Vitamin D3 supplements are cheap and easily obtainable. The sun needs to be at least 40deg above the horizon to gain any benefit, which doesn’t happen in many NE European countries during the winter months. So supplements are the only option. Unless you want to adopt a diet high in fish oil and seal blubber…

  4. That’s one thing I noticed about Lille. It gets foggy in November & basically stays foggy till the end of March. Les Lillois look healthy enough, though. I’d put it down to the Leffe. Lot of vitamins in Leffe & probably some sunshine as well. The world certainly has a nice glow to it after a couple litres or three.

  5. Wow! Not only are ebil white people horrible racists but we’re also threatening the health of our melanin-enriched brothers with cloudy skies.
    When will this genocide end?

  6. How come Roué le Jour gets an avatar and the rest of us have to make do with a non-gender-specific cardboard cutout? (I’m comparing RlJ’s social status with my own and doing some hierarchical pecking order stuff here.)

  7. Rickets is also caused by lack of calcium in the diet, a significant contributor being dairy.

    Lactose intollerence varies according to ethnic groups and is very low in Northern Europeans (UK 5-15%), whereas it is high, between 70% and 90%, among people of African and Asian origins.

    Northern European diet is rich in dairy products. Immigrant ethnic groups reliant on sunlight to produce vitamin D, but where there is little, and unable to absorb calcium from the local diet are going to be more likely to suffer from rickets.

  8. See also why “we” are becoming more antisemitic. Curiously the articles about this by, say, the BBC or The Guardian never go into the demographics of exactly who are the most antisemitic and therefore why it might have risen in recent decades.

  9. See also why “we” are becoming more antisemitic.

    TBF that’s also caused by the rise of the ctrl-left.

  10. So Much For Subtlety said:
    “I think that ten minutes is a little optimistic”

    For British winter sunshine per day? Probably, yes.

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