We don’t need to fund climate science at all

Canadian climate science is facing a looming crisis whose repercussions could be felt far beyond the country’s borders, hundreds of scientists have warned, after the Canadian government failed to renew the country’s only dedicated funding program for climate and atmospheric research.

In an open letter addressed to Justin Trudeau, more than 250 scientists from 22 countries highlight their concern over the imminent end of the C$35m Climate Change and Atmospheric Research program.

We already know everything about it, the science is incontrovertible. We’ve no need whatsoever of people continuing to study it, do we?

17 thoughts on “We don’t need to fund climate science at all”

  1. Logically, an excellent question. For those whose curiosity extends to shouting slogans without ever checking their veracity first, I declare Tim’s troll level as: intergalactic master 🙂

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I have to agree that is Trump-level trolling there. Almost as good as his one on the women’s march.

    But this is an odd political decision. Canada is run by people who would need enough steroids to kill an elephant to even show signs of manhood. Why are they doing this? It is such a small amount of money – and the pro-regulation, pro-tax, pro-pos propaganda they get out of it is worth vastly more money than that. Seems a stupid own goal. I mean, great, I am glad they did it, but self-defeating from their point of view.

  3. Think how much one could achieve by spending the C$35m on investigating, prosecuting, and jailing the lying bastards.

  4. I suppose the great thing about this is that the government doesn’t even have to pay redundancies, etc to staff. The funding is cut, their employers have to deal with that other crap.

    Taxpayer wins both ways.

  5. Bloke In Italy said:
    “I had assumed Trudeau was a globalist cunt, fully signed up to all this shite.”

    Yes, that was my thought – astonishment that Trudeau, of all people, has cut this crap.

    (well, my second thought – after sniggering at Tim’s trolling)

  6. Scientists from 22 countries descending on Canada? They are just like trade-unionists, learning and repeating the same lie to keep the loot flowing. Bet they want funding for conferences outside Canada when it’s time to repay the favor.

    Sometimes “when the US sneezes, Canada catches cold” and Trump’s EPA Administrator is on track to halve the size of his agency through attrition and resignations as he curtails Obama-era advocacy. Like Canada’s gun control, would full-fledged environmental funding be a magnet to thieves from the US?

    PS–“We’ve no need whatsoever of people continuing to study it, do we?” There are no studies in government, only sales pitches, and yes, they do need a continuing supply of these.

  7. Yes, that was my thought – astonishment that Trudeau, of all people, has cut this crap.

    I assume they sneaked it through while he was looking at himself in a mirror.

    I fully expect it to be overturned.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    And if the Canadians really want to do something useful towards the climate science debate they could give Steve McIntyre their highest award.

  9. I know Tim has his tongue in his cheek here but what has been interesting me of late is how much we don’t understand climate change. While it is entirely true to say that we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and empirical data of the climate system, we still lack fundamental understanding of climate change itself: we are living in the MIS 1 interglacial of the Quaternary ice-age but do not have consensus on what caused the ice age, the interglacials or the Dansgaard-Oeschger warming of the glacials.

  10. Gary Moran, climatologists (on par with Scientologists) only appear to consider the evidence/data as measured on the planet and do not look beyond that. They either fail to consider or willfully ignore the fact that the Earth is just one planet in a solar system and that the Sun is the biggest driver of our climate – gamma radiation, sun spot activity etc. They also ignore the fact that the Earth’s orbit around the sun is not constant – see Milankovitch cycles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milankovitch_cycles

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