Well, costs of living are indeed costs of living

Nicola Sturgeon has been urged to drop plans for an income tax hike in April after it emerged Scottish households were hit with a 15 per cent increase in their energy and insurance bills last year.

Price comparison website comparethemarket.com published research showing on average Scots paid £300 more last year in total for their utilities and car and home insurance premiums.

The rise was one of the largest anywhere in the UK, with an £268.39 (19.7 per cent) average increase in energy bills responsible for the vast majority of the squeeze on household incomes.

I wonder why Scottish bills are rising faster than elsewhere?

Still, as Ritchie says, nothing that can’t be solved with MOAR TAX.

13 thoughts on “Well, costs of living are indeed costs of living”

  1. Certainly, when my capped price energy deal ends in March, the alternatives from my current supplier are £400 per year, or more, more expensive. I’m looking around and should be able to get a deal roughly the same as I’m currently on.

    At the moment I’m just investigating the reliability and customer service of the cheaper providers.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Oh please, please, please, someone give the Scots more powers to raise their own taxes! Unlimited income tax ceilings perhaps.

    I know it will be tough on people like SE, but there is only one way for the Scots to learn. Once the voters realise they have voted for Belarus-on-the-Tay they may wise up.

    Best of all, can we send Ritchie to advise them on tax policy?

  3. Scottish Water which afaik is the only nationalised water company remaining in GB claims its bills are around £45/year lower than the UK average. There’s a lot of loans on their books from the Scottish govt which has been spent on ‘investment’ so I guess this is the main reason for them being cheaper.
    So the Scots must be getting charged a lot for other utilities.

  4. I wonder why Scottish bills are rising faster than elsewhere?

    Perhaps they were held or capped in some way and that cap has recently expired?

    Still, the SNP must be fucking fuming. There was that nice surplus, just sitting there to be taken from the goose with minimal hissing, and some other bastards got there first.

  5. Noel, the report says they’ve successfully lobbied local authorities to get them to change their procurement practices.

    I work in the procurement field as a contractor in local government. I have relationships across quite a few, including a couple of big ones. Have never heard this mentioned by anyone ever.

    There is wording in the standard PQQ covering tax – but that’s what everyone uses.

    I asked the great man a couple of years ago on which Councils and what changes they made – all of which should be in the public domain and something as a director he should be able to easily answer. He predictably huffed and puffed and didn’t know.

  6. “I wonder why Scottish bills are rising faster than elsewhere?”

    Because if you willingly vote for a party that is going to raise taxes. The rest of the world will think you are happy to be fleeced.

  7. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots


    They should be so lucky. Lukashenko shows no interest in making Belarusians a minority in Belarus.

  8. Solid Steve 2 has it right. I think labelling the SNP as akin to North Korea even is grossly unfair……to the North Koreans, who at least recognise that unilateral nuclear disarmament would be foolhardy…

  9. Van Patten
    Remind me again; how many countries in the world do not have nuclear weapons? Germany Canada Brazil
    Australia and so on, all stupidly volunteering to unilaterally not have nuclear weapons.
    I often wonder why so many people South of the Border are so anti SNP/Scots.

  10. Noel Scoper said:
    “Missed these, as buried, but the FTM accounts to the end of 2016 were published in September – https://fairtaxmark.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/F035-2016-FTM-signed-scanned-accounts-1.pdf

    £10,000 from the Joffe Charitable Trust (founded by the late Lord Joffe – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joel_Joffe,_Baron_Joffe).

    Apparently the Trust was set up to “support development in the developing world”, and that’s presumably what their registered charity status (and the associated tax breaks) is based on. I can’t quite see how that allows them to support a campaign that ONLY applies to “businesses that solely trade in the UK”.

    And £45,000 from his old pals at the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust.

  11. Nick Dekker said:
    “I often wonder why so many people South of the Border are so anti SNP/Scots”

    Many of us weren’t until we heard the anti-English vitriol from the Scottish Nationalists and their supporters during the Independence referendum campaign.

  12. I often wonder why so many people South of the Border are so anti SNP

    I’m not. I’m all in favour of jock independence.

    Mainly because it will be hilarious watching them try to implement it without all those English £billions propping up their nanny state.

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