Well Laurie, if you’re going to lie make it a big one then

Not all opinions are equal, but some people seem to wish they were. Former Google engineer James Damore, who you may remember as the author of an eye-poppingly sexist company-wide memo about why men are naturally better at computers than women, is now suing the company for discrimination against conservatives. The memo claimed that it was wrong for Google, a company with 80% of its technical roles held by men, to be pursuing diversity. Damore joins a dull retinue of bad actors asking whether, if it’s wrong to judge people because of their gender or the colour of their skin, is it not also wrong to judge people because they happen to have certain “unorthodox” ideas about social Darwinism?

20 thoughts on “Well Laurie, if you’re going to lie make it a big one then”

  1. If all you read was what your fellow bucket crabs wrote about it, you wouldn’t be lying, you’d just be horribly mistaken. And you also couldn’t rationally pretend to be a serious journalist.

    So she’s caught either way.

  2. What a [email protected]!

    What Longrider said in spades.

    I read the memo, followed the debate where real psychologists and biologists recognized that Damore had come up with a pretty good summary for an amateur, and am working my way through the lawyerly screed presented to the court.

    Laurie is even more pathetic than I thought. Either lazy or bigoted and evil or possibly all three.

    The misrepresentation from the progressives is unbelievably childish and scummy.

  3. The Unused Testicle

    She should change her name to Enid Blyton if she’s going to write fantasy for kids.

    At least Damore used facts. This is just drivel. But then there is good fake news and there is bad fake news. Because she’s a leftie, it’s good fake news.

  4. Damore gave a pretty accurate summary of the consensus state of the science.

    Remind me what Laurie thinks of people who deny scientific consensus again? Or is that different because reasons?

    Don’t answer that…

  5. From the suit against Google by Damore;
    “Google furnishes a large number of internal mailing lists catering to employees with alternative lifestyles, including furries, polygamy, transgenderism, and plurality, for the purpose of discussing sexual topics,” Damore et al. charged in the suit. “The only lifestyle that seems to not be openly discussed on Google’s internal forums is traditional heterosexual monogamy.”
    Some lovely details on the more obscure sexual practices at https://pjmedia.com/trending/damore-suit-google-caters-to-furries-transgenderism-and-a-yellow-scaled-wingless-dragonkin/

  6. I remember dear little Laurie appearing on Question Time a few months after the EU referendum, trying to explain how ignorant idiots had been manipulated into voting Leave. Faced with an audience that was majority Leave and didn’t really appreciate this description of it, she tried to reposit in. “Of course not you” was the basic tenor. “But people in the country. Can’t you see how THEY have been manipulated because they’re ignorant?” That didn’t go down that we’ll either.

    Question Tim has become more discerning since tjen in the last couple of years.. in its choice of audience member.

  7. The simplest way to mind-cleanse the tripe of PennyDud is to imagine what a tired burned-out bitter lard-arsed old bitch she will be in 20 years time.

    Possibly in a lesbo threesome with a pair of Cissy and Ada lookalikes and still trying to write the same self-justifying shite she does now.

  8. MC

    you are right. Thanks for adding an appropriate and decent word. The bent penny really puts me to the test. So many appropriate words and so few that my innate sense of decency allows me to use.

    As brighter people than me have said. She is a white () jumped up little public school girl trying to work out juvenile western cultural guilt issues.

    She is, as well, a talent-free, intellectually challenged waste of space.

    God, glad I got that off my chest!

  9. As someone who’s followed Laurie’s output for some time, I reckon Damore’s biggest crime in her eyes is being white and male. Luckily for him, he’s also not old. Her schtick these days is basically arse-licking “people of colour”.

  10. Dittoes! All Damore did was utter the same heresy as Lawrence Summers did at Harvard: That statistical disparities are not necessarily explained by class hatred. Damore added numerous disclaimers that female career preference doesn’t bind any individual nor justify pre-judging when it is possible to obtain more complete information. He added that Google’s pursuit of the opposite tenet was getting tyrannical, eventually entering himself in evidence.

    American journalists are likewise portraying Damore as a classic woman-hater without feeling any need to fact-check that part of their stories.

  11. Tim N: Her schtick these days is basically arse-licking “people of colour”.

    She needs to be careful with that – she might find Milo round the front!

  12. ‘Nobody is born believing that people who die young of preventable diseases because they are unable to afford private healthcare have only themselves to blame for not working harder.’

    No, that has to be taught by CM scum. Their solution being that all young can die of preventable diseases.

  13. Wow, her anti-rational stance is nicely on display there. A constructive person who believed that Damore’s memo was sexist would be happy: either his bad arguments will get laughed out of court, or the patriarchy will have to show it’s true face to let him win and take Google’s feminist agenda down a notch. The wimmins won’t oppress themselves, you know…

  14. @Fred
    “She appears, amusingly, not to have bothered to read the Guardian’s previous interview with the guy.” That interview, more words and more subtle lies, but still lies nevertheless.

    If anyone needs a good example of how we are constantly and systematically lied to, just read Damore’s original memo (the complete one, not the “edited” version), watch a few of his interviews and then compare with the media coverage. Then observe how the hysteria mounts as each shrill commentator echoes and adds to the previous fact-free misrepresentations.

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