Well, yes, OK

Coughing, sneezing and clutching the stomach might be obvious signs of sickness, but humans can also spot if someone is healthy simply from a glance at their face, new research suggests.

Scientists have found that signs of a person being acutely unwell – such as pale lips, a downward turn of the mouth and droopy eyelids – are visible just hours after an infection begins.

We are, after all, descended from those who avoided – or survived – such infections until they’d had time to breed…..

4 thoughts on “Well, yes, OK”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Human males admire human females for the quality of their skin for a reason.

    This is more science that frankly my grandmother could have told them.

  2. Seems like a nice little earner for Doctors and Professors this survey thing.

    I normally spot if someone is unhealthy long before I see the whites of their eyes. its the cigarette moving in and out of their mouths rapidly like a Lighthouse beacon.

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