Well, yes sweetie

#MeToo isn’t enough. Now women need to get ugly
Barbara Kingsolver

Gentlemen, start your joke engines. For the complaints do largely seem to be coming from those who couldn’t, or can no more, use good looks to gain their desires.

17 thoughts on “Well, yes sweetie”

  1. “Now women need to get ugly”

    Don’t worry, sweetheart, women tend to get ugly all on their own. Just by the passage of time.

  2. Honourable mention must go to Margaret Atwood for defending due process. The second wave feminists are a lot tougher than this present bunch of impostors embracing their victimhood so no Tim this isn’t about age but the lynch mob and group think and their enforcers mostly younger and whinier.

  3. There are plenty of 3rd-wave feminists who are physically attractive. The problem is, they seem to be deeply ugly on the inside and insane to boot. This will keep them single as surely as any physical defects.

  4. Tim Newman re “insane to boot.” It’s a Law of Nature that all women have Mad Cow Disease and all men have Swine Fever. Despite that there appears to be no reduction in the bonking rate.

  5. A quick look confirms that this male would not give Barbara one unless a cash fee were payable to me and I had chemical assistance to get wood

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    Southerner – “Despite that there appears to be no reduction in the bonking rate.”

    Actually young people seem to be having less sex. Which surprises me – in the sense that they are having any at all. I mean sex is nice and all, but given the fat land whales with vile attitudes that seem to be most of the younger female population, well, a computer game with anime Japanese cartoon girls seems a saner option.

    This cow does have a point. Women used to have a choice. They could be pretty and vapid. Or they could be ugly and serious. People took Elizabeth Anscombe seriously because you just would. At some point the sexual revolution meant that women had to be both.

    Now she does not mean ugly in that way, but it is hard to be that sort of Oxbrigde bluestocking who was not pretty but smart. Mary Beard is probably the last true example. Feminism simply stripped women of the protection Christianity offered and left them exposed to the harsh winds of the sexual market place.

    So what does she plan to do about it? Women still want to be the play things of assertive handsome rich men. So they will continue to play this game. No matter what. It is the poor lower class Beta males who will suffer.

  7. If my marriage is slavery, then the one with less power, me, is presumably the slave. Or is my wife’s absolute veto power on any major decision a function of her servitude?

    I haven’t met many marriages where the man has full power. A couple of traditional religious types, maybe.

  8. So Much For Subtlety

    Chester Draws – “I haven’t met many marriages where the man has full power. A couple of traditional religious types, maybe.”

    I think women love watching and dressing up as handmaidens from the Handmaid’s Tale, because when you come down to it, that is what they really want. They want to be married to someone who takes no sh!t from them. Even if it is quasi-slavery.

    See also Mad Men.

    So perhaps it is time to give it a try?

  9. I think we can safely conclude that if this harridan ever possessed a semblance of sanity it has long since been replaced by fanatical hysteras. A deranged screed even by Grauniad standards.

  10. ‘Nearly every American educational institution pours the lion’s share of its athletics budget into the one sport that still excludes women’

    False. Women have every right to tryout for the teams – there is no bar. What can we conclude from their choosing not to? What other false barriers is Kingsolver profferring?

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