What else is there to do?

Love is in the (country) air: Rural women start having sex younger than city dwellers – and end up having more kids too

I mean there you are, stuck out there in the middle of a billion tonnes or so of life all screaming “Have sex with me” and the broadband’s too slow as well. Nookie has long been a relief from the idiocy of rural life, no?

17 thoughts on “What else is there to do?”

  1. It’s also easier to find a place away from other people. especially parents and annoying younger siblings.

  2. “Nookie has long been a relief from the idiocy of rural life”

    And a major cause of it, when it’s with your relatives.

  3. @Arthur the cat – we also have more things that are likely to lead to suitable situations – skinny dipping being one of the top of my head that i don’t think would work so well in a park pond!

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    You don’t need that much education to be a farmer. Well you do, but the other sort of education. That involves learning stuff. That is useful. Which you can actually use.

    You do need three years doing an undergraduate degree and then perhaps a Masters on top of that in order to be a secretary. No, I am not kidding. My office used to have an absolutely drop dead gorgeous girl who had a Masters from Oxbridge in refugee studies or something.

    Why wait if you’re going to be a farmer? You might get to have half a farm even sooner if you do.

  5. “Nookie has long been a relief from the idiocy of rural life”

    The other one, around my parts, seems to be schnapps.

  6. @ SMFS
    Blimey! I agree with you on something.
    My mother completed an Oxford degree and then a post-graduate teaching diploma at LGSM before taking a job as a secretary where the chemistry she had picked up from my father was more useful than either.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    john77 – “Blimey! I agree with you on something.”

    Nice little bit of virtue signalling there.

  8. What can you do to amuse me?
    Now that there’s nothing to do
    The TV set’s busted and can’t get a picture
    The radio plays nothing but news

    Why don’t you tickle me?
    Gee whiz won’t that be fine
    What a great idea
    What a perfect way to kill some time
    I can’t stop to think ‘cos if I do, I’ll lose my mind
    Why don’t you tickle me?

    Alan Price

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