What we really need here is a transcript

This to let you know that Michael’s latest programme:


goes out this Monday, 29th January, at 2000hrs on BBC R4
It’s repeated on Wednesday 31st January at 1100hrs.
And will be available online after broadcast.

It’s about how there really is a magic money tree – which has produced nearly £550bn since the 2008 financial crisis. It investigates what happened to this deluge of cash and why so few of us seem to feel better off as a result.

So that we can examine said transcript, obviously.

6 thoughts on “What we really need here is a transcript”

  1. Amazing that the disease has spread. Here is a person who simultaneously thinks:
    1. There really is a magic money tree, and uses QE as evidence, which sort of substitutes for a lot of deficit spending.
    2. It has left most of us feeling worse off
    So which is it, magically beneficial or not?

    The answer as ever will mirror McDonnell’s answer to the Venezuela question – it wasn’t done right.

  2. More Or Less examined this a couple of weeks ago. It will be interesting to see if Monday’s programme uses the same facts to come to their conclusion.

  3. Heard a trailer for this before 7am news and thought we’re doomed. MMT is not going be in turns laughed at then dire warnings about what happens to countries that screw around with their currencies.

    Why are we even discussing this? This should be up there with a programme entitled “Genocide – should we give it a go?”

    Speaks volumes about BBC mindset that they are running this at all.

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