Where are the goddam editors?

A majority of Britons believe that the country was right to vote for Brexit for the first time in six months.

A new poll by YouGov found that 45 per cent of people think Britons were right to vote to leave the European Union, up three per cent.

The same poll found that 44 per cent of people think the UK is wrong to want to leave, down two per cent.

That’s not a majority, that’s a plurality.

No, these people don’t have editors.

9 thoughts on “Where are the goddam editors?”

  1. I voted for Brexit and still in favour.

    I reckon its a racing certainty that “leave” would lose now if there was another referendum…surely the 10% don’t knows in the poll could be easily convinced its all one big fucking muddling confusion and avoided.

  2. The remainers aided by Remainer in chief may , the beeb and all the rest of that shower of kowtowing scumbags have played a clever game (by their standards) and by delay incompentence and fraternising with the enemy have muddied the water to such an extent that nobody understands anything anymore and just want the whole fucking thing over so that we can get back to important stuff like UKs got talent or perhaps not.

    Brexit will sort of happen but it will be sorry thing, and not what we voted for.

    The result is that The Europe question will continue to muddy UK politics for another generation until the whole rotten edifice collapses in flames.

    Anyway I couldn’t really give a shit any more. Nothing I think, say or do makes any fucking difference.

    May thay all rot in hell. Starting with the twats in the tory party who put in May.

  3. The Polls have long since been weaponised by the leftscum enemies of freedom.

    Only one per cent up to leave –after a year of the ESpew announcing Fortress Europe–apart from the beards of course–and the Fourth Reich’s imminence? When the ReMainiacs had been ahead for a year?

    Bull-fucking-shite. Don’t fall for it–the new claim is just to give bogus legitimacy to ReMain cockrot.

  4. To go a bit further than Rob – if the polls move within their margin of error, that should hardly be taken as a sign that the populace has changed its mind … a non-story story.

  5. Somebody was twatting yesterday a local election result:
    Con: 53%, Lab 24%, LD: 22%

    These idiots make me struggle with my liberalism and make me want to reach for a big stick.

  6. The poll that matters is the LATEST referendum.

    Today, the latest one says we should leave the EU (although it left open the prospect of staying in the single market).

    The next latest one might say otherwise. We’re not an Arab country, you know, where it’s one man, one vote, one time. People may change their minds

  7. Lots of people have changed their minds .

    The EU Superstate and esp the Army has created lots of new Leavers out of “The Devil you Know” former Remain voters.

    But it isn’t going to be redone.

    Cos if it is NO other vote will ever stand. Most esp any GE with your mate Mr Corbog claiming to have won it. “One time/One vote” is going to stand for Brexit and that is it.

    We can have another vote in another 40 years if you like. But your EU mates won’t be there to vote about.

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