Why is it that I just don’t believe this story?

Billionaire James Stunt has claimed that he was the victim of Britain’s biggest ever burglary with £90million of cash and valuables stolen from his house.

Petra Ecclestone’s ex-husband has told police that the Belgravia property, where he moved in December, had been ‘cleaned out’ by thieves while he slept.

The 36-year-old reported the theft on December 14 shortly after taking up residence in the home but police are still hunting the burglars.

Cash was taken from the house along with gold and diamond jewellery, according to The Sun on Sunday.

It was reported that Stunt, whose six-year-marriage to Ecclestone ended last year, had not yet installed CCTV cameras in the luxury home.

‘He is devastated by the loss. It’s a lot of money even for him – though luckily he’s insured’, a source told the newspaper.

I just can’t put my finger on it, just can’t quite spot what slightly jars about this story, making me ponder whether I believe it or not.

And if that’s my reaction what will be that of the insurance company’s loss adjuster?

But to lay down a market for the future. It’s going to be really, really, fun to see whether that claim gets paid out upon. Is there any manner of checking such things? I guess there isn’t, no public register of claims paid etc. But if it isn’t then I can imagine m’learned friends getting involved, which would be public.

On the other hand, a theft which wasn’t insured against would be a neat explanation for why there’s no money other than his wife’s. Not that that could possibly be the real situation of course.

20 thoughts on “Why is it that I just don’t believe this story?”

  1. Interesting to see the security requirements an insurance company would place on a contract for personal effects with that sort of value.

  2. Since when does a man own £millions in jewellery? A couple of Rolexes (Rolices?), sure; but men don’t wear diamonds, and very little gold.

  3. “£90million of cash and valuables stolen from his house.”

    Did they use a front end loader and a fleet of trucks?

  4. Andrew M

    “Since when does a man own £millions in jewellery?”

    James Stunt has been called many things, but I don’t believe they include being a man.

  5. Who–since the Borgias or Scrooge McDuck– has kept £90 million in cash in their house?

    He surely can’t expect to get away with such nonsense? Is it an attempt to have “insurance fraudster” (failed) added to his CV?

  6. Meanwhile, the search goes on for a leaker of the terms of settlement. Professionals were anxious to find out if the trust and prenup would stand a full frontal legal assault. Alas they settled so the strength of these arrangements remains untested.

  7. Wonder if Plod are really looking for the burglars. Seems unlikely, even they aren’t that stupid. Plus there are vicious criminals Tweeting hate speech that need their attention.

  8. If he can document the loss with receipts, photos, etc, he’s probably got a pretty good chance of being paid quite a bit assuming he’s met other requirements per the insurance agreement.

    He needs a dog. One with a good authoritative woof.

  9. I can’t dig up the last Stunt thread (may even have been an earlier one) but distinctly remember someone mentioning something like this being on the cards. If I’m not just hallucinating it, then kudos to them.

  10. “It would have taken them hours to take tens of millions in cash.”

    Nope: in $100 bills (who – of any consequences – uses anything smaller?) $1m fits in a briefcase.

    Jewellery – the proper type of a jewellery that a billionaire is playing with – is even denser in terms of value. You could easily fit 90m-worth in a briefcase.

  11. If he tries to claim on insurance then that’ll be fraud. Getting the police involved when no crime has occured is a waste of police resources and can lead to prosecution. He might have escaped being a criminal up till now but I think he just become one. All assuming that Stunt is lying.

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