Wrong side of the Pennines

Newlyweds spend their wedding night in (separate) police cells after the bride spat at a police officer during the reception at their local pub
Neill John Draper, 44 and Keira Andrea Draper, 39, got married on December 22
But the couple spent their wedding night at a custody suite in Barrow, Cumbria
Police were called to their reception at the Farmer’s Arms pub, in Ulverston
The bride launched a foul-mouthed tirade, called officers ‘pigs’ then spat at them when she was handcuffed

If this had happened in ‘Toon it wouldn’t even make the papers, would it? Or, perhaps, as a “the newly married couple spent their first night of wedded bliss in the traditional manner” story?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Neill John Draper, 44 and Keira Andrea Draper, 39, got married on December 22

    At 39 what is the point? She is called Keira – what is the point?

    The bride launched a foul-mouthed tirade, called officers ‘pigs’ then spat at them when she was handcuffed

    What a prize. There is a right side of the Pennines where any of this is anything but a call for sterilization of all concerned?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    Paul Rain – “Only one visible tat, could do a lot worse.”

    I have just been to look at the pictures. The only way that could be worse is if she was a man. I am not sure she isn’t.

    Why. The. F*ck. Would. Anyone?

  3. Going on the story, can’t help wondering what the filth thought they were doing here. OK. The bride’s pissed at her wedding. Possibly the groom too. She’s described as “unresponsive” but presumably hasn’t decked either the best man or one of the bridesmaids. It’s a wedding FFS. People get pissed at weddings
    Sorry, but this has all the feel of the thugs in uniform having an attack of the vapours when members of the public who pay their wages aren’t suitably deferent when they start throwing their weight about. Was a time when the police could handle situations like this in a civilised manner. Not go dragging people off in handcuffs

  4. At around 11.30pm that night, police officers from Cumbria Constabulary were called to reports of an ‘unresponsive female wearing a bridal gown’

    The bride launched a foul-mouthed tirade, called the officers ‘pigs’ then spat at them

    Not that unresponsive then.

  5. The police’s immediate reaction was to suspect that she (Mrs Draper) had been assaulted by her partner

    Ah, the latest “Domestic Abuse” programming spectacularly backfires.

  6. BiS,
    I doubt Cumbria constabulary in Ulverston are in the habit of going into pubs on a Friday night (especially the one just before Christmas) without reason. It’s not like our lovely newlyweds are that uncharacteristic, and on your normal Cumbria town Friday night the police can throw their authority at any number of people pissing in the street, fighting or trying to deal drugs without having to look inside.

    My guess is that the police were called in – they may like to throw their weight around but that doesn’t mean there aren’t idiots who the police have to deal with does it?

  7. Innocent until proven guilty and all that but basic biology means when faced with a pair of utter fvcking skanks like these, you would form some justifiable pre-judgement of them.

    The Mrs in her wedding finery looks like a particularly grotesque caricature of something from a Tim Burton movie

  8. Good Lord. Having seen the pictures, I think he was better off in the cells than with her.

    I see he was arrested for trace amounts of cannabis, he said from a joint he smoked just before the wedding. Not surprised.

  9. Rougher than a badger’s arse.

    Indeed; or, as a friend reported a former colleague having said, “Rougher than the numb end of a Walsall cart-horse.”

  10. Look. We can’t all look like were attending a Tory party fund-raiser. Which is rather the point I’m trying to make.
    I’ve been on the receiving end of the blue suited vermin turning up somewhere, not bothering to actually find out what’s occurred & to who. And been carted off in cuffs for a night in the cells. Presumably on appearance & behaviour. Yes I have been known to dress somewhat down. And if some jumped up copper starts giving it the big “I am”, he’s likely to get a mouthful of abuse without the bleeping out of the good bits. That I could easily afford to buy a couple of them for lawn ornaments they found out when my lawyer turned up. I settled for an apology rather than pursuing a wrongful arrest claim.
    Yep.The blushing bride is no picture. But she looks a damn sight better than some of the other late 30s horror stories I’ve seen blokes carting about. Her bloke must like her or, or he wouldn’t have married her.

  11. Edward Lud said:
    “It’s not illegal to have cannabis in your system.”

    It looks like it was remains in his pocket, rather than in his system.

    But yes, this looks like gross over-reaction by the Plod, and then scraping round for anything to justify themselves. And from the size of the fines, I suspect the court thought so too.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    If there’s going to be any domestic abuse in that relationship my money’s on him being the victim.

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