You really should listen to me and my friends, candidly

I stress, I have no problem with the people they have asked to contribute their first two blogs, although I know neither. But I will tell you that the best thinking on these issues is being done by people I know and none, as far as I know, have been approached to contribute to this debate.

Unless the ICAEW admits that much of the existing framework of accounting may be fundamentally wrong it is the problem in this arena. And it has not done that as yet. Welcome to another whitewash, I suspect.

They know my number. They know all those I talk to on these issues as well. We’ll wait for the call.


I’d think a great deal more of his call for “debate” if he’d recommend people he doesn’t already agree with.

21 thoughts on “You really should listen to me and my friends, candidly”

  1. No mistaking the menace implicit in his utterances there. Truly a man whose odiousness knows no bounds. A deeply unpleasant man who would have, as per one of his previous blog posts, been quite at home in Dachau….

  2. Unless the ICAEW admits that much of the existing framework of accounting may be fundamentally wrong

    Doesn’t ask much

    They know my number.

    Lol. The lonely life of the crusading hero.

  3. It should come as no surprise that someone as dim (and egotistical) as Richard Murphy hasn’t identified an obvious image burnishing time-waster. It’s just the sort of thing any ambitious professional would avoid like the plague.

    I will say this, though: After reading the blurb for “AuditFutures” that Murphy posted, I’m beginning to understand why it hasn’t occurred to anyone at ICAEW that revoking Richard Murphy’s charter would burnish the profession’s image more than just about anything else they could do.

  4. The first comment to Murph’s post, from one Jordan Peterson, is a classic:

    You and I didn’t get to be as rich as we are by being agreeable, but on this I find myself agreeing with everything you said being worded.

    And as so often is the case with comments at Murphy’s site, I can’t figure out if JP is pulling RM’s leg, or not.

  5. @DtP

    The real Jordan Peterson is unlikely to post on the Tuber blog. If Monsieur Patate were even moderately aware of what other people think and say he would know that Prof (a real one!) Peterson had been very much in the news. He was interviewed extremely ineptly by the hapless Cathy Newman on TV – it’s on youtube and an excellent example of the “so what your saying…” school of probing.

  6. Dennis, Jordan is mocking Richard.

    The real Jordan Peterson is an awesome canuck. His destruction of Cathy Newman was the best detrousering and humiliation of a progressive I have ever seen. I would suggest you watch it on Youtube. Its is awesome.

  7. Peterson has published research ( don’t know if he did the research but he’s brought awareness of it ) showing disagreeable people that stay out of jail have higher incomes. Could be self-selection of course.
    Women in the round are more likely to display the agreeable personality trait, don’t go to jail and have lower incomes.

  8. Ignoring the typical puffed up self importance of the fat [email protected] sitting by the phone waiting, waiting for all these calls for assistance for the moment.

    I can’t avoid the conclusion that Murphy simply does not read the papers, otherwise how would he not know that the comment is a piss take by a person using the name of someone who was all over the news last week?

    How the Prof gets away with not being generally aware of current events is staggering, some might even think this casts doubt on his competence to be in academe in the first place.

  9. I can’t believe that none of Dick Tater’s usual commentators has given him a call to say “Hi! ICAEW here! Why not pop into the office for a chat about a blog article? Tuesday is good for us… Excellent, See U Next Tuesday then!”

  10. The members’ handbook for 1998 has this to say:

    The accountancy profession’s public consists of clients, providers of credit, governments, employers, employees, investors, the business and financial community, and others who rely on the objectivity and integrity of professional accountants to contribute towards the orderly function of commerce. This reliance imposes a public interest responsibility on the accountancy profession.

    How could it be that the fat one does not know this already?

  11. Has anyone read his nonsensical, flaky, vague thoughts on how to organise health and education? He thinks it is cutting-edge and blue sky stuff. Of course he probably heard some 5 year old saying it in the playground and is passing it off as his considered opinion

  12. Does anyone else think that Snippa’s posts about the NHS are a direct result of the espouse claiming not to be fit for work? The undiagnosed breakdown from being married to an ego maniacal moron

  13. I wonder what Ritchie is hoping for. His EU funded post at City may not survive Brexit, hence his comments about potentially having to move country. Given his falling out with McDonnell and Corbyn he can’t be expecting a high profile role under a future Labour government, although he might get a position on a minor quango or two. He is 60 this year, so should be able to access his pension, but I can’t see him going for a quiet retirement on the golf course!

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