A very slight problem here

What really scares populists? Grassroots campaigning and humour

Populism is the grassroots shouting at the bien pensants.

17 thoughts on “A very slight problem here”

  1. It’s not bad advice though. Hysterically shouting at the ‘grassroots’ that they’re all cunts and peasants isn’t really working so far.

  2. Humour? So all that snarling and baring of teeth is their way of grinning, you know like some kind of primate behavioural tic?

  3. Judging by the Radio 4 “comedy” slots, the Left can’t do humour either.

    Largely because, as this quote shows, they think humour is a tool for advancing their agenda.

    Like the puritans, they don’t seem to understand the concept that some things are just enjoyable in themselves.

  4. What a bizarre misunderstanding of the word ‘populism’. Presumably another word which has been mutilated by the Progs so it no longer means what it used to mean.

  5. ” Those awful common people simply mustn’t be allowed to have any power” said Tarquin to Jocasta at their Marxist-Leninist Students Association meeting..

    Using humour? Calling Tories c*nts on BBC2 isn’t humour, it’s a substitute for it.

  6. Rob,

    Yes. Something along the lines of ‘Hitler was a populist therefore all populists are Hitler’. A maxim currently being applied to President Trump.

  7. The Left used to be good at humour, because it was mocking the powerful. But since the Left rose to power everywhere, their jokes no longer work.

  8. With 150 million murdered so far the scum of the left are neither humorous or a laughing matter.

    Save for mocking laughter at their evil and brainless bullshit.

  9. What really scares populists? Grassroots campaigning and humour

    They won’t get many frights from the BBC then.

  10. I have a feeling that it was people with guns who had the most to do with toppling Milošević. Men like that don’t walk away from power because of a cadre of nonviolent student activists. They walk away because they’ve done the math and realize they’ll have fewer guns than the other side.

    As Timmy says… “Wibble, wibble, wibble”, but with a side order of unwarranted self-congratulation.

  11. Another in a long line of short-lived Guardian columnists that could rival Murphy for the level of stupidity and ignorance evinced…..

  12. Wasn’t it a strike by the men in charge of the electricity plants that brought down Milosevic? Not many students there, as I recall from the news bulletins

  13. By “Grassroots campaigning” they mean community organising as per the left, not listening to the grassroots.

  14. Why would one wish to topple populists?
    Evil dictators, sure.
    Idiots who thrust their prosperous country into vile and loathsome poverty, sure.
    Incompetent evil ruler who pillage private wealth and lives, sure.

    But **populists**?? Just pure populists? Man, that sounds like a threat that can be ignored.

  15. Solid Steve 2: Squirrels of The Patriots

    I’ve spent the last 12 years heading Canvas, an NGO that helps pro-democracy activists in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and also parts of the former Soviet Union

    Hmmm. I wonder who funds Canvas?

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